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Government officials will look at Umahi’s concrete road system

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The Minister of Works, Dave Umahi, has requested that the House of Representatives look into the usage of concrete technology in road construction.

This followed a proposal made by Zainab Bukar on Thursday.

Bukar said in his motion that contractors could face substantial cost increases as a result of using concrete road technology.

She claimed the minister was trying to implement the road construction method without considering the full effects.

The lawmaker voiced concern that “the Minister of Works’ new policy on cement concrete pavement adoption without in-depth studies of the comparative advantages/disadvantages with asphalt may contradict technical specifications, potentially leading to contract breaches and potential arbitration and litigations during a challenging economic time.”

In response, the lower house ordered its Committees on Works, Environment, Finance, and Judiciary to look into the pros and cons of employing cement concrete for road building vs asphalt and report back within three weeks so that legislation could be drafted accordingly.

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