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Government stability in Osun requires legislation, says CDHR

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The Osun State House of Assembly has been tasked with passing legislation to guarantee the stability of the state’s government.

The request was made in a letter from the CDHR Osun chapter’s chairman, Emmanuel Olowu, to the House of Representatives’ current speaker, Adewale Egbedun.

The letter urged the Assembly to pass legislation to prevent future administrations from rescinding their own policies and initiatives.

Olowu explained that the request was made to prevent the three branches of government from abusing their authority and to preserve the integrity of the democratic process.

Concerns regarding accountability and genuine representation of the voters are raised by the government’s decision to repeal previous policies without following the required democratic processes.

“In democratic societies, transparency in decision-making and public participation in governance is aimed at ensuring that policies reflect the collective will of the people and not just the decision of the rulers,” he explained.

The head of the Osun CDHR insisted on the importance of free debate, impartial analysis, and citizen participation in the decision-making process.

He noted that governments must preserve democratic norms in order to promote trust, legitimacy, and the well-being of the people they serve, and that ignoring this process could have unexpected repercussions and undermine the foundation of a fair and representative governance system.

The Committee also recommended that a law be passed making it obligatory to upload all existing and future laws passed by the State.

The democratic process will be strengthened, and citizens will feel more included in government.

In Osun State, “such a step will promote democratic practice, encourage citizens’ participation in governance, and further promote the Freedom of Information Act,” it said.

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