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Government taking steps to exploit natural resources; Dele Alake

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On Thursday in Kaduna, Minister of Solid Minerals Development Dele Alake said the Federal Government is implementing measures to ensure the responsible use of Nigeria’s natural resources.

He explained that the ultimate goal is to have the solid mineral industry replace oil as the country’s primary source of revenue generation.

He told reporters in Kaduna that the state is rich in minerals that are in demand around the world.

There is seldom a state in this nation that does not have extremely good grade minerals, he said, adding that “Nigeria generally is blessed with an abundance of solid minerals.”
Kaduna is one of the most fortunate states, although the entire country benefits from an abundance of natural resources.

He went on to say that the country enjoys one of the world’s nicest climates because of its plentiful rainfall, year-round sunshine, and lack of regular natural disasters.

The Minister added, “We have beautiful weather, climate, we have typography that is very fertile if you throw a maize in any part of Nigeria it grows without any fertilizer.” What is required is the prudent application of the revenues that can be earned through exploration and exploitation.

He said that measures should be taken to combat unlawful mining, insecurity, the industry’s operations, environmental degradation, and so on.

He To globalize the solid minerals sector and make the most of the country’s resources, Nigeria has to attract the interest of foreign investors, small- and medium-scale miners, and the big players in the industry.

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