Governor Adeleke Denies Reports That He Traveled Abroad for Medical Treatment Claiming He Is Fully Well .uk

Governor Adeleke Denies Reports That He Traveled Abroad for Medical Treatment, Claiming He Is Fully Well

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Ademola Adeleke, the executive governor of Osun State, has previously stated that he is in excellent health.

This came after whispers that he had had sought medical attention in another country.

After a month-long work trip overseas, Adeleke denied the rumor on Wednesday, saying he felt revitalized and rejuvenated.

Upon his Wednesday arrival at Lagos International Airport, the governor made the announcement.

As he put it:

My return to Nigeria and being among my people have filled me with immense joy. You can see I’m pumped up because I’ve gotten a good night’s sleep and am ready to give the people of Osun even better service and a better government.

It is baseless to suggest that I am ill or not. I am in tip-top shape. To refuel and network with like-minded individuals who can help advance our state, I took a working vacation.

People who are spreading rumors about my trip are simply embarrassed and bewildered by our success. For that reason, they are circulating all those baseless rumors.

I can return at this time. In Osun, the good work is ongoing.

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