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Governor Otti: “I will not jail my critics.”

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Abia State Governor Alex Otti has stated that the era of persecuting citizens who spoke out about issues in their state is past.

He noted that in the past, Abian citizens who spoke out against the State’s poor conditions were purportedly locked up for weeks or months simply for expressing their views.

On Sunday, during a church service honoring the 74th birthday of President, Living Word/Chancellor, Rhema University, Bro Emma Okorie, Otti made this proclamation. He was speaking in the Rhema University Auditorium in Aba.

His administration, he said, will not victimize any Abian since that would violate their fundamental right to practice their religion freely, and he added that every Abian should be treated with dignity and utmost respect, just as is the case in other parts of the world.

He reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to restoring Abia to God’s glory, informing the crowd that his administration had received a comprehensive design of Aba, the commercial nerve center of Abia, from a reputable company, and that very soon, Aba and every other part of the State would wear new looks.

Abia Governor Uche Nwosu congratulated Bro. Emma Okorie on his 74th birthday and thanked him for his contributions to Abia’s GDP (gross domestic product) through the hiring of over 5,000 people at Living Word Hospitals and Rhema University, among other institutions.

Okorie had earlier welcomed Governor Otti, his wife Mrs. Priscilla Otti, and his entourage, saying that he had always known a day like this would come because he had always worked by faith and not by sight, and that God is using the Governor to reposition Abia for greatness in accordance with the visions of Dr. Michael Okpara, the former premier of the defunct Eastern Nigeria region.

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