How Long it Takes to Process a Canadian Visa

How Long it Takes to Process a Canadian Visa

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The processing time in Canadian immigration refers to how long it takes Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) staff to review your application from the time it is received to the time a decision is made.
Please be aware that processing timeframes do not account for the time it may take to prepare papers, submit an application, get an invitation to apply, or wait for the shipping of completed visas, permits, status cards, etc.

Potential Canadian immigrants often inquire, “How long would it take for my immigration application to be processed? We compiled all the data you want on immigration processing timelines and the length of time it takes to come to Canada.

How Long it Takes to Process a Canadian Visa


How Long it Takes to Process a Canadian Visa

We include some of the most well-liked streams below along with their rough processing timeframes. It’s vital to keep in mind that processing timeframes are simply estimates and cannot be guaranteed. The timeframes that follow are based on the IRCC’s reported average processing times as of December 7th, 2021.

Please take notice that depending on whether an application was filed electronically through the online method or in hard copy via a paper-based approach, processing timelines might vary. The processing periods shown below indicate whether they differ for applications submitted online vs those submitted on paper.

Below are the different types of Canada visa and their processing time:

Permanent Resident Card

The processing time for a new permanent resident (PR) card is 56 days. However, the processing time for renewing or replacing an outdated PR card might be 136 days. However, the processing time for renewing or replacing an outdated PR card might be 136 days.

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This applies to several Provincial Nominee Programs as well as the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), Federal Skilled Trades (FST), and Canadian Experience Class (CEC) streams (PNP).

Prior to the pandemic, an Express Entry application was typically handled within six months of the application’s receipt in 80% of the instances. Please be aware that the time needed to submit an Express Entry profile, get an Invitation to Apply (ITA), and have the final application ready for submission is not included in these processing timelines.

Study Permit

Depending on the applicant’s nation of residency, processing times for study permits might vary significantly. The least amount of time for processing is around 8 weeks, although applicants from other nations may anticipate processing timeframes to be up to 13 weeks. The amount of applications submitted also affects how quickly study visas are processed, so if you submit your application near to the start of the Canadian academic year, expect delays.

Post-Graduation Work Permit

This kind of visa fits within the category of work permit extensions. Depending on the method you select to apply, processing dates for post-graduation work permits vary.

It should take 106 days to complete your application whether you mail it in or submit it online.

Visitor Visa

Depending on how and from where you apply, visitor visa processing periods vary.

Applications submitted online or on paper from inside Canada are processed in 92 days. However, depending on the applicant’s place of residency, applications submitted from outside Canada will differ.

Depending on the specifics of your situation, the length of time it takes to immigrate to Canada might vary significantly. It should be noted that the timeframes shown above are all estimates only and are subject to change at the IRCC’s discretion without prior notification.

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Getting a Spouse a Permanent Residence Sponsorship

When sponsoring a spouse for permanent residency, applications are completed in around a year.

Processing timelines for all spousal sponsorship applications have now mostly been standardized to within 12 months, but they previously varied depending on whether the spouse was living within or outside of Canada (inland sponsorship vs. outland sponsorship).

In conclusion, how long it takes to process a Canda visa depends on the type of visa. For instance, a permanent residence sponsorship visa takes 12 months to process.


How long does it take to process a Canadian PR visa?

The processing of the Canada permanent residency (PR) visa takes 5-8 months from obtaining the ITA (Invitation to Apply).


Is obtaining a PR simple in Canada?


The Express Entry program is often referred to be the simplest method of immigration to Canada. The Express Entry Draw score was just revealed on September 28, 2022, and it was 504. The applicant may quickly begin the Canada PR immigration procedure once they get their score.


How Long it Takes to Process a Canadian Visa


A person must currently have spent three years (1095 days) of the five years prior to their application as a Permanent Resident in Canada (with up to one year of the time before becoming a permanent resident included).

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