How Military Personnel Struck Down 113 Terrorists in Just One Week – DHQ .uk

How Military Personnel Struck Down 113 Terrorists in Just One Week – DHQ

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The Defense Ministry has announced that the top leaders of terrorist and bandit organizations are now fair game for the military’s renewed campaign against insecurity.

It was reported that at least 113 terrorists were slain during this process during the past week.

The DHQ further promised that, in all theaters of operations, neither the infrastructure nor the foot soldiers of terrorist and bandit organizations would be spared.

The Director of Defense Media Operations, Major General Edward Buba, claimed that terrorists and bandits are already counting their losses during Thursday’s biweekly briefing in Abuja on military activities around the country.

The man spoke thusly:

No one disputes the fact that these terrorist organizations must be and are being vanquished. For this reason, our operations across the country are dealing a heavy blow to the terrorist, insurgent, and violent extremist networks operating within the country.

Therefore, we are striking at their top brass, key infrastructure, and ground troops. The synchronization between the air and ground forces is like never seen before delivering extraordinary outcomes and achievements. ”

According to Buba, at least 113 terrorists have been killed and 300 have been captured during the past week.

The man spoke thusly:

Three hundred terrorists have been detained, and 113 have been killed, thanks to operations over the past week. In addition to freeing 91 hostages, the military was able to arrest 25 oil thieves. Troops in the SS have denied stealing oil worth an estimated N571,793,350.00.

Buba further stated that the forces found 717 different types of ammo and 129 different weapons.

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A variety of weapons and ammunition were found, including: “one unserviceable AA gun, one RPG tube, five RPG bombs, one GT3 rifle, fifty-four AK47 rifles, eight locally fabricated rifles, one locally made rifle, two pistols, two pump action guns, two Dane guns, four locally fabricated pistol, three skeletons of AK47 rifles, nine hand grenades, one unserviceable AK47 rifle, 14 magazines, 321 rounds of 7.

However, Buba did issue a warning to troops on the front lines to avoid violating civilians’ human rights.

He claimed that the military’s top brass would not think twice about court-martialing an offending soldier.

The man spoke thusly:

Importantly, the AFN is a well-disciplined and well-trained force that operates within the bounds of human rights and armed conflict regulations. We operate according to a set of established guidelines. Nevertheless, there are standing court martials to put on trial any erring personnel who is found deficient during operations.”


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