Apply for an Australian Passport for a Child Born Overseas

How to Apply for an Australian Passport for a Child Born Overseas

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Apply for an Australian Passport for a Child Born Overseas

What is an Australian Passport?

Australian passports are travel documents that allow their holders to travel internationally. They are issued to Australian citizens under the Australian Passports Act 2005[2] by the Australian Passport Office of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Australia and abroad. Applying for an Australian passport for a child born overseas is very obtainable. You have to follow the guidelines below to be able to get an Australian passport for them. These guidelines are listed below.

How to Apply for an Australian Passport for a Child Born Overseas 

The procedures to following how to apply for an Australian passport for a child born overseas are listed below:

Step1: Gather the original paperwork and two passport photos 

You will require the following:

  • Entire birth certificate of the child
  • Evidence that the child is a citizen of Australia
  • Documents demonstrating any name change
  • Any court orders and extra passport information we need to determine the child’s legal parents
  • Every application must be accompanied by two passport-sized images that adhere to our photo requirements.

You’ll need information from these documents to finish your application. When you apply, you must bring the original documents to show us.

Step 2: Request a guarantor for the child.

Section 11 of the application form requires a guarantor’s signature. The guarantor must also sign in black ink and write on the back of a passport photo, “This is a true photo of [the child’s full name].” Your guarantor should be an adult Australian citizen who has known the child for a few years when you apply in Australia (or since the child was born if they are younger than one year old). They are not permitted to be related to the child or a person responsible for the child in any manner, in a de facto relationship with the responsible party, or residing at the same address as the child or the responsible party.

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Step 3: Fill out the application   

Online application forms are accessible. You must print the application form that the system will generate. Which documents you must submit with your printed application form are specified on the application form. Pick up a blank application form at an Australia Post location if you cannot complete an application online (the link is external). The “Application for an Australian Passport – Child” form should be requested. The shape is purple for kids. A kid’s passport requires permission. Section 15 of the form must be signed by each person providing consent in front of a witness. Follow our suggestions if they need help because they are ready in different locations worldwide. If applying in Australia, children 10 and older must sign section 16 of the form.

Step 4: Submit your application and make the required payment.

In Australia, you can go to a participating Australia Post location to submit the child’s application and pay the passport fee (link is external). The Australia Post online booking tool can schedule an appointment if necessary (the link is external). You must bring the original documents asked on the application form, your filled-out application form, and your child’s passport photos. You must also provide identification with your name, photo, signature, and residential address, such as a driver’s license. When you apply to a kid who is 16 or older, the applicant must be present. After you apply, please wait a minimum of 6 weeks for your child to acquire their passport. A child’s passport application takes substantially longer if no one with parental responsibility consents.

Step 5: When the passport is prepared, you will be notified.

Depending on the contact information you supplied, you will receive a mail or an SMS when your child’s passport is ready. If you want to obtain your passport via mail, it should show up three weeks after you receive the email. If you opt to pick up your passport in person, it will be available at the Passport Office of your choice as soon as you receive an email.

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Applying for an Australian passport for a child born overseas is extremely doable if the necessary conditions and procedures are met. You may find all the information you need about that in this article.


How can I register my Australian child who was born overseas?

If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident, you may enroll your child born abroad in Medicare. You must submit each of the following documents:

  • Passport for your youngster
  • Your child’s visa
  • A copy of your child’s permanent residency application documentation.
  • The birth certificate of your child.

2. If the child is oversea, can I submit a child passport application in Australia?

If the child is abroad, you can submit a child passport application in Australia. Only in the event of exceptional circumstances and with our prior consent.

3. Can I obtain an Australian passport for my child without the father’s approval?

You will need to get permission from everyone who has parental responsibility for you or submit a claim under exceptional circumstances unless your parents are deceased or there is an Australian court order that allows you to have an Australian passport, travel abroad, live abroad, or spend time with someone who is not an Australian.

4. What happens if my child is born oversea?

Children born outside of Australia to parents who are not citizens of Australia do not automatically become citizens of Australia, nor are they eligible for citizenship via descent. Children of permanent residents born outside of Australia must apply for and be granted immigration.

5. Can I submit a kid passport application for Australia online?

You can obtain the application form online for a child’s Australian passport. Every child, even infants, must travel with their passport and have permission from all parties that have parental responsibility for the child.

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6. What documents do I need to get my child an Australian passport?

  • The child’s complete birth certificate is required.
  • Proof that the child is a citizen of Australia.
  • Proof of any name change in writing.
  • For Any court orders and passport documents, we need to verify the child’s legal parent.
  • How much does an Australian passport for a child cost?

The costs were as of January 1, 2021: For individuals 16 and older, a passport with a 10-year validity will cost $301. For those under 16 or older than 75, a passport with a 5-year validity will cost $152. The price of emergency and replacement passports is $189.

7. Does my child have citizenship in Australia by default?

Australian citizenship is automatically awarded to a child born in Australia with one parent who is a permanent resident of Australia at the time of birth. Even if the parent who is a permanent resident and the non-resident parent split up before the child’s birth, this still holds.

8. How do I obtain my child’s citizenship certificate for Australia?

Birth certificate in its entirety, including the names of the parents, included.

  • A passport or other valid travel document.
  •  Documentation of a name change, if necessary.
  •  A photo the size of a passport.
  • An identification statement duly authorized by an Australian citizen.

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