How to apply for an Australian student Visa

How to apply for an Australian student Visa 2023

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You must apply for an Australian student visa to study in Australia longer. You may use a tourist visa if enrolled in a short program, such as a 12-week language study. You may study for up to 16 weeks if you have a Working Holiday visa. You can apply for an Australian student visa if you plan to enroll in any more extended programs or attend a university. Here, we walk you step-by-step through the application procedure.

How to apply for an Australian student Visa

How to apply for an Australian student Visa 2023

The procedures for applying for an Australian student visa:

1. Obtain a CoE and apply to schools in Australia (confirmation of enrollment)

You must be enrolled in an Australian school before you may apply for an Australian student visa. A school will send you a CoE, or enrollment confirmation, once you have received an offer letter from them, accepted the offer in writing, and paid their tuition fee. This paperwork is required to start your visa application. You will require a CoE for each program if you plan to enroll in more than one, such as a preparatory language course followed by college studies. We have a partner who can provide free application assistance to all Australian universities. Please fill out a request for information so we can assist you!

2. Register with the Australian Immigration Department.

Nowadays, most applications for Australian visas are made online. You must first create an account at before beginning your visa application. Your name, phone number, and email address will be required. You then get to choose a password and agree to their terms.

3. Verify you have all necessary documentation in digital format.

The following paperwork is required to apply for a student visa:

  • Your Enrollment Confirmation
  • An OSHC health plan.
  • A passport should be valid for your stay in Australia because it would be difficult to get a new one while studying on a student visa.
  • Proof of a brief stay: You must attest on your application that you only want to visit Australia briefly. Attaching proof of employment, a letter from your home institution or other supporting documentation might be used to prove this claim.
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Additional documentation may be required depending on where you apply from and where you plan to study. You may require the following:

  • Additional identification documents such as a birth certificate, and
  • Proof of your ability to pay for your education, such as a bank statement.
  • Documents demonstrating your readiness for the programs you wish to pursue, such as official grade reports and IELTS test results.
  • A record of previous employment, such as a contract or pay stubs, is also required, as is documentation of any convictions for crimes.

Additionally, you must select your sponsor. If you are unsure whether you fall under one of the other categories, select “None of the above.”

All supporting documentation must be sent electronically if you are applying online. Therefore, scanning everything in advance or accessing a scanner while completing the application is advantageous. A competent translator should convert every document to English. If you miss any papers, you can save your application and continue it later.

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4. Finish the online visa application.

If you are applying for an Australian student visa, you should use a student visa subclass 500. The application can be submitted as early as 124 days before the start of your course (according to the date on your CoE). You are applying online. 

You enter your nationality and CoE code on the first page (s). You should also decide on the type of education you want, such as ELICOS for language instruction or Higher Education for programs leading to college degrees. The form includes further information.

Following that, you will be required to provide personal and family information about your past education and employment history and your health and criminal history. You can save the application and take a break.

5. Pay for the visa and receive a TRN number (transaction reference number)

Following completion of the application, you must pay the 575 AUD application cost. Online credit card payment is the simplest option. 

You will receive a receipt with a TRN number once the application and payment have been completed (Transaction Reference Number). To check the status of your application, be sure to save it.

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6. Potential health examination and interview

You may also need a health exam and go through a visa interview, depending on where you will study and live. If it applies to you, you will be given this information after submitting the abovementioned application.

Check your health before completing the application because you will need your TRN number and instructions on what to check. You can discover doctors in your nation authorized by Australian Immigration to do this checkup on this page.

7. Discover your visa status

Depending on where you are applying from and how busy the Australian immigration authorities are will determine how long it takes to receive your visa determination. Once your application is complete, according to our experience, you often receive your decision within one or two weeks. By going onto the immigration website (using the account you made in step 2) 

Once your visa decision is prepared, the Australian authorities will typically email you to let you know. Since your visa is electronic, you can print the grant letter you receive online after it has been accepted if you want a physical record.

8. You are qualified to travel to Australia.

Once you get your visa, you can travel to Australia 90 days before the course start date listed on your Certificate of Enrollment. Within seven days of your arrival in Australia, you should let your school know where you will be if you still need to reserve housing through them.

Typically, you are permitted to remain in Australia for 30 days or 60 days if your course is longer than 10 months. All of these time restrictions should be noted on your visa, and if it contains information that differs from what we’ve described here, you should always abide by them.


Obtaining an Australian student visa is a simple process. You only need to read the instructions laid out in this post.

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What are the procedures for requesting an Australian student visa?

First, gather proof of your English language proficiency.

Step 2: Get a CoE and apply to a school in Australia.

Step 3: Create a profile with the Australian immigration authorities.

Step 4: Finish the online visa application.

Step 5: Pay the visa cost and obtain a TRN number.

How much money is needed for an Australian student visa?

Papers for an Australian student visa:  Completed the application for an Australian student visa (157A) and paid the visa application fee, which is generally AU$650 (about U$438). Certificate of Enrollment or Letter of Offer; copy of passport biodata page; some students may be asked to present their passports in person.

Why do visas to Australia get denied?

The main grounds for rejecting a visa application are inadequate cash in the applicant’s bank account or insufficient funds to live and study in Australia. When requesting an Australia study visa, you must have the money necessary to support yourself financially while you are there.

What is the average student wage in Australia?

Australia’s average annual student wage is $80,022, or $41.04 per hour. Beginning salaries for entry-level occupations are $67,004, while those with the most experience can earn up to $112,618 per year.

Is it challenging to obtain a student visa for Australia?

Australia pupil visa: Australian student visas are more straightforward to obtain than those from other nations. To be able to apply for a visa, students who want to study in Australia must fulfill many requirements. You can apply under Subclass 500 once you register for a full-time study program.

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