How to Get A Child Passport with One Parent Absent

How to Get A Child Passport with One Parent Absent

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When a kid gets a passport, the government expects both parents to be there. But if not possible that the two will be present, you may still acquire a child passport with one parent absent, you only need to show the passport acceptance agent some more paperwork.

How to get a child passport with one parent absent

The parent who does show up must provide the following information in front of the passport acceptance agent:

  • A parent’s DS-3053 that has been notarized.
  • A copy of the non-appearing parent’s driver’s license or state identification shows both sides.
  • Also, crucial to know is that if the passport is for a newborn, you will need to supply much more details.
  • A child’s passport requires proof of parental relationship. No need for their marital status or biological connection to the kid, anybody with legal custody of the youngster seeking a passport is considered a parent in this context.
  • You must provide evidence of your parental connection to get a passport for your kid, regardless of whether you are the child’s biological, adoptive, or legal guardian.

How to Get A Child Passport with One Parent Absent


To demonstrate a parent-child connection, the following papers may be used:


  • Birth certificate issued in the United States.


  • Certification of Birth or Consular Report of Birth Abroad


  • International birth certificate


  • Decree on adoption


  • A custody/divorce judgment


  • A further court record establishing the child’s legal custody




A child’s passport application is often an effortless procedure. However, we know that no two families are the same; thus, there may be instances in which you want to get a child passport with one parent absent, this will be achievable using the procedures I shared with you in this article. Things could become a bit perplexing if you encounter this circumstance, but we assure you that getting a child passport with one parent absent is feasible and not as challenging as you would imagine.



These are some of the questions you may have regarding this article and their answers


Why Does the Government Demand That Both Parents Attend?


To protect the child’s safety and security, the government often requests that both parents be present while submitting a passport application. An additional layer of safety for a kid is added by having both parents present throughout the application procedure. The aim is to ensure both parents approve of the youngster acquiring a passport.

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Can I get my child’s passport without the other parent’s consent?


No, typically, you need to acquire permission from the other parent to get your kid a passport unless you have sole custody of them. It’s challenging to acquire your kid a passport without both parents signing and having the approval of both parents protects the youngster.


There is one significant exemption to this law, however, and that is if you have exclusive custody of your kid. In such a case, you do not need the other parent’s permission to apply for your child to acquire a passport. Please be aware that single custody is not the same as complete custody; more on this is below.


How can I demonstrate that I have exclusive legal custody when applying for my child’s passport?


If you have exclusive legal custody of your kid and wish to acquire a passport, you must provide documentation of that fact. Make sure you have proof of exclusive custody with you when you visit a Passport Acceptance Agent, such as:


  • The birth certificate of the kid, on which you are listed as the only parent.


  • A court ruling stating that you are the child’s sole custodian


  • A court order stating that you are the sole adoptive parent


If one parent declines to sign the passport application, what happens?


Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do if your kid’s other parent refuses to sign the passport application, but you don’t have exclusive custody of them. In this situation, you must file a lawsuit and resolve this issue in court.


With divorced parents, can a child get a passport?


Yes! With divorced parents, a youngster may get a passport. Make sure the parent who does appear before the passport acceptance agent can produce the following if one of the child’s divorced parents is unable to do so:


  • A parent’s DS-3053 that has been notarized.


  • A copy of the non-appearing parent’s driver’s license or state identification shows both sides.


Renewal of a child passport (under the age of 16)


Renewal of a child’s passport under U.S. Citizen Services: Passport Services (under the age of 16)


All child passport renewal appointments must be planned, and the kid must present in person with all of their parents or legal guardians (s).

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Documentation Required for renewal of a child passport


  • Download a PDF of Form DS-11 here or access it online (6 pages).


  • Print the form, but do not sign it.


  • The kid’s most recent passport from the USA


  • One passport picture


  • Application cost that cannot be reimbursed


  • Original documentation of parental connection (with 1 photocopy; must include names of parents or legal guardians), such as:


  • Birth certificate from the United States for the child


  • Birth Abroad Consular Report


  • International birth certificate


  • Decree on adoption


  • Court directive


  • Parental ID cards with photos officially issued by the government (such as passports, driving licenses, or military I.D.). Biographical page original plus one photocopy.


  • Return delivery envelope: a self-addressed, pre-paid (up to 500g) Royal Mail Special Delivery envelope. If you apply via the U.S. Embassy in London, you may choose an alternative delivery method.


When you make an appointment, you should bring up your child’s requirement for a new passport in less than two weeks since they could need an emergency passport.


Conditions for Photos

These are the conditions required for the photos required

  • A colored picture, taken during the previous six months
  • No eyeglasses (if you must wear eyeglasses for medical reasons, you must provide a signed declaration from a medical expert with your application)
  • Two by two inches.
  • It is recommended to have a photographer capture the picture of infants and young children (photo booth photos may not be accepted). The eyes of infants do not need to be open.





How much should I pay? $135

For a Passport Card, there is an extra charge of $15.


Payment options accepted


  • Credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) – card transactions are in U.S. dollars, and your payment card provider can charge extra costs.


  • Cash (in U.S. dollars or pounds sterling) (in U.S. dollars or pounds sterling)


At the time of the appointment, payment must be made in person to the cashier for this service. Any contactless payment is not permitted. Please be aware that expedited shipping is unavailable outside the United States.


Indicators of Social Security


If your kid has received a social security number (SSN), you must provide it on the U.S. passport application. Please make sure that answer “List any other names you have used” to question 9 on the application is filled out if the name on their social security record does not match the name on their passport application.

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Suppose your child does not have a Social Security Number. In that case, you must include a statement with the following language in it, signed and dated: “I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the following is true and correct: My child (child’s name) has never been issued a Social Security number by the Social Security Administration.”


If you need a new or replacement Social Security number card while in the U.K., contact the Federal Benefits Unit at the Embassy.


Whenever a single parent or guardian shows up, Custodial parents are required to file a notarized Form DS-3053 Statement of Consent if they cannot attend. Download the form from this page (PDF421 KB). A copy of the identification document used to notarize the DS-3053 form must be given simultaneously with the original.


Attention: The DS-3053 must be less than three months old before it may be notarized.


Exclusive Legal Authority


We need proof that you are the child’s only legal representative, so please provide it. Some instances are:


  • An authentic copy of the child’s birth certificate stating that you are the sole parent on it.


  • A court judgment that fully grants the kid exclusive legal custody, such as a divorce decree or other custody arrangement


  • A signed court ruling allowing you to apply exclusively for the child’s passport


  • A certified copy of the adoption order stating that you are the lone parent.


  • A certified copy of the parent’s incompetency declaration from the court if they cannot present in person.


  • A certified copy of the parent who isn’t applying.


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