How to get a Working Holiday Visa for Australia

How to get a Working Holiday Visa for Australia

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How to get a Working Holiday Visa for Australia

A working holiday visa (Subclass 462) is precisely what it sounds like. An Australian temporary visa called the Working Holiday Visa enables you to work while you’re away from home. Under the cultural exchange program between Australia and some countries, these visas are typically issued for 12 months to foster diversity and intercultural understanding. To qualify for a working holiday visa, you have to be between the ages of 18 and 30 and fulfill the following requirements:

How to get a working holiday visa for Australia

Requirements needed to get a working holiday visa for Australia:

  • Possess a current passport from an acceptable nation
  • Provide evidence of English language competency (unless you are from a native-speaking nation) 
  • Meet the educational requirements
  • Meet the prerequisite for health
  •  Leave Australia before this visa is issued (you can only apply for this program once)
  • Have enough money to cover your expenses (about AUD $5,000).
  •  Be prepared with a return ticket or financial documentation.

According to the Australian Government, you are not permitted to have dependent children accompany you during your stay.

Working holiday visas are of two types:

Working holiday visa (Subclass 462) and working holiday visa  (Subclass 417). The qualifying nations are where these two visas differ most from one another.

  • Working holiday visa (Subclass 462)and their eligible countries: Argentina, Bangladesh, Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, Poland, Turkey, Thailand, Uruguay, and the United States 
  • Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417) Eligible Countries; Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Republic of Cyprus, Republic of Korea, Sweden, and Taiwan.

What advantages do Work and Holiday Visas (Subclass 462) offer?

This visa’s unique feature is that it enables both travel and employment while you’re in Australia. It is an excellent method to see the nation and maintain your income.

Steps on how to get a working holiday visa for Australia

Step 1: Gather the necessary documentation and supporting materials.

You must provide the following to the Australian Government to submit a complete application:

A certified copy of a bank statement demonstrating you have enough money to support your stay in Australia is required, along with certified copies of the first two (biographical) pages of your passport, your birth certificate, two recent passport-style photos (45 x 35 in. ), and your name in print on the back of each photo (showing at least AUD 5,000)

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Step 2: Complete Form 1208 -Application for a Work and Holiday Visa Request

You can apply online on the Australian Government website if you are a citizen of the United States. However, individuals from all other nations must prepare and submit Form 1208. Place your application at the Australian Immigration office of the nation that issued your passport if you are from Argentina, Bangladesh, Chile, Chilean, Indonesia, Thailand, or Turkey. If you are from Malaysia or China, you must personally submit your application to the Australian Consulate. Submit your application to the Australian Immigration office in Berlin if you are from Poland, Portugal, or Spain. If you are from Uruguay, submit your application to the Buenos Aires office of Australian Immigration.

Step 3: Get the payment ready.

Step 4: Await the outcome.

Step 5:Get ready to travel and work after receiving your visa.

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Young individuals (18 to 30 years old) from selected nations may apply for one of two visas under Australia’s Working Holiday Maker (WHM) program: Working Holiday (subclass 417) or Work and Holiday (subclass 462). Applicants’ eligibility for a visa depends on their place of citizenship. Still, both allow young people to travel to Australia for prolonged periods and support themselves while they are there through temporary employment in any sector.


What does it cost to get a work and holiday visa?

Visa prices fluctuate based on the date your application is received and are subject to change. Prices start at $440.00 AUD. The money is typically not refundable, even if your visa application is rejected or you withdraw. Additional fees, such as those for medical evaluations, police clearances, and other tests and certificates, can be demanded of you. You are in charge of making the necessary preparations. When applying, you must pay the visa application fee.

Do I qualify for an Australia working holiday visa?

You might be if you’re between the ages of 18 and 30 or 18 and 35 for nationals of Canada, France, and Ireland). 

What is the maximum age?

If you want to apply for a 1st or 2nd Working Holiday visa (subclass 417), you must be between the ages of 18 and 30 (unless you’re an Irish, French, or Canadian citizen, in which case you have until the age of 35). The visa may still be granted if you apply when you are 30 years old but turn 31 before your application is accepted. Similarly, citizens of Canada, France, and Ireland who applied at 35 and are now 36 while their application is still pending may still be granted a visa.

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How do I apply? What documents do I need?

The process of applying for WHV 417 is simple. Create an ImmiAccount online and fill in all the required fields. To help with the process, you’ll need a few documents on hand, including a copy of your birth certificate with the names of both parents and the pages of your passport with your name, personal information, and passport issue and expiration dates.

When will the process be complete?

You must first create an ImmiAccount, which is simple to do and enables you to save your application at any moment and return to it later if you find out you require additional details. Spend a couple of hours ensuring the form is correctly completed and that you have included all necessary supporting documents.

What should I know before starting the application?

Your WHV application’s supporting materials must all be in English. Those who aren’t must be given a translation and the translator’s credentials. Each of these documents must be scanned or photographed in a transparent color. A document should be saved as a single file if it comprises many pages.

When will I receive a response?

Many applications are handled within 12 days, but if the online form is not filled out completely or the proper documents are not included, it may take longer. It can take longer if we need to confirm your information or ask you for more information. Within 34 days, 90% of applications are processed. You have 12 months before your visa is approved to book a flight to Australia and use it.

What is the price?

You must pay AUD $510 when you apply for your WHV. Additional fees for medical examinations, police records, or biometrics may apply (facial photographs and fingerprints).

Which healthcare requirements apply?

If you’re applying for a WHV and are from a nation where tuberculosis is a serious concern, you might need to get a chest X-ray and go through a medical check.

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Any medical debts you accrue while you’re in Australia are ultimately your responsibility. With several nations (Belgium, Finland, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Ireland, Slovenia, Sweden, and the UK), our public healthcare system, known as Medicare, has reciprocal arrangements that will cover the expenses of care for illnesses or injuries that can’t wait until you go home.

Do I need to save money?

You should have savings equal to $5000 AUD; be ready to provide documentation to prove the amount in your bank account. You should have a return trip ticket or enough money to pay for a flight home in addition to your savings.

What speed can I run?

You are granted a 12-month stay in Australia starting when you enter the country with this WHV. You can remain for the entire year or leave and return as often as possible.

What are the work requirements and limitations?

The purpose of the WHV is to provide you the flexibility to work irregular hours to pay for your travel and vacation expenses. Generally speaking, you can only work for one employer for six months. However, work for the same employer in multiple locations, in plant and animal cultivation (including picking fruit and shearing sheep), or in specific industries (like aged care, disability services, construction, and tourism) in northern Australia only. You can extend this period with special permission.

Can my working visa be extended?

Suppose you have completed at least three months of specified work in one of the recognized industries, such as mining, construction, tree farming, felling, fishing and pearling, plant and animal cultivation, or tree farming and felling. In that case, you may apply to stay in Australia for an additional year with an extension on your WHV.


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