How to immigrate as a pharmacist to Australia

How to immigrate as a pharmacist to Australia in 2023

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Pharmacists from other countries can now start a lucrative career in Australia with the possibility of obtaining permanent residency after three years of practice. Candidates must meet some requirements, including a term of supervised practice, depending on their place of origin.

Australia is experiencing a progressive scarcity of pharmacists, allowing foreign pharmacists to immigrate and work there. One of the best ways for foreign pharmacists to get better work and advance their careers is through immigration.

A significant draw for pharmacists considering immigration is permanent residency, which is now possible courtesy of Australia’s 494 and 191 VISA subclasses.

In-depth instructions on how to immigrate to Australia as a pharmacist in 2023 will be provided in this post.

How to immigrate as a pharmacist to Australia in 2023

The steps in the process to immigrate as a pharmacist in Australia include the following:

1. Become a member of the Australian Pharmacy Board.

The Pharmacy Board of Australia requires all licensed pharmacists to register (AHPRA). Additionally, you might need to submit an international criminal history check. The check will be performed by an ICHC-approved supplier and is suitable for three months after the date of issuance. Candidates must be registered before the check is finished.

2. Apply for a VISA subclass 494

Regional (Provisional) Sponsored by The Skilled Employer 494 Foreign pharmacists can now move to Australia with a VISA and a road to permanent residency. To do this, pharmacists must work for a company that has received the nod from the regional certifying body in the designated region and offers adequate employment. The following prerequisites must also be satisfied:

  • The employer must be in Australia’s approved regional areas (not Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne).
  • The position must be full-time and anticipated to be open for three years before the applicant applies for a 191 Visa to become a permanent resident.
  • The retail pharmacy must be on the list of occupations, which it is right now.
  • Additionally, candidates must be under 45, have at least three years of full-time, relevant job experience, and be able to speak English with proficiency before lodging (IELTS 6.0).
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Both steps must be finished simultaneously, and success in one does not ensure success in the other.

3. Become certified by the Australian Pharmacy Council

The Australian Pharmacy Council may process applications through the knowledge or competency streams. Candidates for the knowledge stream are required to complete an internship following the guidelines of a recognized program.
Candidates who earned their degree in a nation other than Australia, Canada, Ireland, the UK, New Zealand, or the US are eligible for the knowledge stream.
The skill assessment framework requires passing the first eligibility check and the Knowledge Assessment of Pharmaceutical Sciences (KAPS) exam. The exam price is AU$2,140, and the eligibility test is AU$1,290.
Candidates who earned their pharmacy degree in Canada, Ireland, the UK, or the US are eligible for the competency stream. Candidates who are now enrolled in one of these nations are also covered.
Candidates for the competency stream must also pass the Competency Assessment of Overseas Pharmacists (CAOP) Examination and an eligibility test. The price for the eligibility test is AU$1,290, and the exam is AU$1,870.

4. Finish the supervised practice phase.

After meeting all the requirements mentioned above, candidates can continue to finish their supervised practice in Australia with their new company, which will supply a preceptor. Candidates in the competency and knowledge streams can take a registration assessment under the direction of the Pharmacy Board after completing 75% of the practice hours. The evaluation will gauge a candidate’s understanding of pharmacy law and ethics through oral and written exams.
Candidates can now receive their general registration and immigrate to Australia as pharmacists after finishing the necessary supervised practice hours.

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The application procedure for permanent residence

After meeting the requirements, candidates may apply for a Skilled Regional 191 Permanent Residency VISA. Although the 494 VISA is only suitable for five years, interested pharmacists can apply after three. Pharmacists are eligible without employer nominations. The VISA enables pharmacists to live and work permanently in Australia. Additionally, it gives the authority to apply for citizenship and sponsor family members for immigration to Australia.

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Pharmacists can immigrate to Australia just like other medical professionals, but only if they comply with the standards. The article, as mentioned above, contains information on how to immigrate to Australia as a pharmacist.


In Australia, are pharmacists eligible for PR?

Three years after the 494 is approved, pharmacists may then apply for permanent residency. Pharmacists who want to live, work, and study in designated regional areas are eligible to apply for the 5-year Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa (subclass 491), which has a starting price of AUD $4095.

 Does Australia need pharmacists?

The percentage of pharmacists employed in Australia is 95.2% due to an increase in this rate.

 Is Australia a decent country for pharmacists?

In Australia, pharmacists may make an average annual salary of $88,843. There may also be additional incentives, so this may be only some. All these factors combine to make Australia one of the top nations to practice pharmacy.

 What about pharmacists in Australia?

In Australia, working in a pharmacy is rewarding. Pharmacists can enjoy good pay, excellent benefits, and a demanding career that keeps them interested. As the population ages and the need for healthcare increases, the profession has a lot of room for expansion.

 Which nation is ideal for pharmacists to relocate to?

What you value most in life will determine the finest place in the world to immigrate to as a pharmacist. The US, Australia, or Switzerland may be the ideal countries for you if money is your primary motivator.
The best nations for pharmacist immigration include Switzerland, Canada, Norway, Singapore, and Australia.

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What is the name of a pharmacist in Australia?

In Australia, the chemist is a term that is frequently used to refer to a pharmacist, and a pharmacy is a chemist’s shop.

Is the pharmacy exam challenging?

The PTCB exam can be challenging; thus, preparation is essential for success. As with any other significant exam you are studying in advance can significantly impact your final grade. Use these study suggestions to ensure that you feel confident on test day. Yes, there may be some challenging test questions.
Why are so many pharmacists leaving their jobs?
Over time, both in the hospital community and in other industries, the working circumstances for pharmacists have gotten worse. The job market, the overabundance of pharmacy students, and the organizations and groups that seem to need a unified approach are a few of the issues. Clinical treatment wasn’t everything I had imagined, and I recognized it even as I was only beginning my career as a pharmacist. I expected more out of my work.
So many pharmacists feel betrayed by their profession and dissatisfied with their daily tasks that corporate rulers have taken over and are now dictating what pharmacists must perform. It appears that hardly much of what they perform qualifies as “pharmacy.” According to pharmacists, they prioritize “number care” over patient care.

Who qualifies for kaps?

An applicant must have finished a 4-year full-time pharmacy program recognized in their home country. Candidates must be registered as a pharmacist in their nation or be eligible for registration as one.

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