How to Migrate to Australia as a Chef

How to Migrate to Australia as a Chef in 2023

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How to Migrate to Australia as a Chef

A Chef in Australia

Chefs, also known as cooks, are in high demand in Australia. Many eateries around Australia employ foreigners as chefs. These chefs can be on any visa type, including student visas, working holiday visas, employer-sponsored visas, and general skilled migration visas. To get work as a chef in Australia, you must meet specific requirements. This article carefully details how to migrate as a chef to Australia.

How to Migrate to Australia as a Chef in 2023

To be qualified to migrate to Australia as a chef, you must have a Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery (or an international equivalent qualification). You can just as well study here in Australia as a foreign student.

Courses available are:

  • Diploma of Hospitality Management
  • Certificates III & IV in Commercial Cookery

Getting a work permit in Australia

The occupation of a chef is on the Immigration and Border Protection Medium- to Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL). That is to say, if you are qualified for these teaching positions, you may be able to apply for an independent general skilled migration or a permanent visa. Meaning you may be qualified for skilled independent (subclass 189), state-nominated (subclass 190), or regionally nominated (subclass 491 visas).

You may equally be qualified for the Temporary Graduate Work visas if you studied these courses in Australia.

Visas that require a skills assessment

For some countries, only General Skilled Migration visas need a skills assessment. Certain countries require a skills assessment before they can get an employer-sponsored (482) visa. Most skill assessments are done through Trades Recognition.

Requirements for the skills assessments

  • Have a trade qualification or education equivalent to Australian standards
  • Have at least 3 years of experience
  • Have experience in the field for at least 12 months over the last 3 years
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There are plenty of work for skilled and qualified chefs in Australia. There’s no licensing requirement to work as a chef in Australia as of now. Most chefs work their way up, taking on different roles in a kitchen, starting with assisting with simple dishes, then moving up to different levels of a chef.


Do I need a sponsor or a work visa as a chef to stay in Australia?

Most employers do promise to sponsor chefs so they can stay in Australia. According to this article, you are temporarily staying in Australia. But, as a chef, there is an opportunity for permanent residency in Australia.

Do I need to have a job to get permanent residency?

The answer is no. But it depends on if you are onshore or offshore, this varies. It also depends on which state or territory in Australia you are going to stay in. Generally, in some cases, you do not need employment to get permanent residency. Permanent residency and the skilled occupation list are based on points. This is also applicable to all occupations on the skilled occupation list.

Do you need experience as a chef in Australia to get permanent residency?

You do not need experience as a chef in Australia to get permanent residency. You also do not have to have completed your studies in Australia. But you do need formal qualifications and a valid skills assessment in Australia to get permanent residency.

Does one need to be in Australia to apply for permanent residency?

No, you don’t have to be in Australia before you can apply for a permanent residency

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Is it difficult to get a job in Australia as a chef?

Once you obtain your permanent residency, it is very easy to get a job as a chef. Most employers in Australia are in need of staff and workers in all fields that obtained permanent residency. It is very important that you understand that the reason you have to get your permanent visa is that the occupation of a chef is in high demand. That’s to say, there are not enough locals to fill the number of vacant hospitality positions and chef positions in Australia.

Do I need a skills assessment as a chef for a sponsorship 482 visa?

A requirement for the work-sponsored visa 482 is for individuals of the countries listed and who are equally passport holders to have a positive skills assessment. countries like:

Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Fiji, Hong Kong, SAR, India, Macau, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe.

Applicants for 482 visas must demonstrate that they hold at least two years of relevant work experience

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