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I Don’t Visit My Constituency In Edo Due To Horrible Roads And Insecurity

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House Majority Leader Julius Ihonvbere has not been able to visit his district due to poor road conditions and unsafe areas.

Representative Ihonvbere of Edo State’s Owan federal constituency addressed development partners, donors, technical partners, and civil society organizations (CSOs) on Monday.

While some legislators have easy access to their constituents, others do not, according to the All Progressives Congress (APC) member who represented Tajudeen Abbas, Speaker of the House, at the meeting.

“There are members who can take a flight from Abuja and land in their constituencies with ease,” he remarked. Every weekend is open for them to travel. Some of the club’s members, however, have a two- to five-mile commute.

“It has been months since I last visited my district. I’m unable to make it. It’s dangerous, and there aren’t any roads there. Kidnappers wait for you to halt in the dangerous areas so that they can grab you.

He argues that legislators deserve gratitude because their jobs are fraught with “pressure” and “stress.”

Also, “Second, they may be smiling and well dressed in white, but many of them have gone through a kind of stress that most people have never gone through,” he said.

The legislator argued that the national assembly needs greater cooperation with civil society organizations and non-governmental organizations.

We need to improve our ability to do research, our committee structure, our ability to design legislation, and our ability to encourage a cooperative and welcoming atmosphere in the House.

He argued that legislators need access to “the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources” to do their jobs well.

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He claims that strengthening legislative capabilities is a top priority on the House’s agenda since it will help the chamber better serve its constituents through representation, oversight, and lawmaking.

“The House, as well as the entire nation, appreciates your ongoing support and will continue to seek your cooperation in our efforts to enhance the legislative institution,” he added.

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