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In Bauchi, SON destroyed defective items worth N7m

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On Monday, SON announced that it had destroyed expired and substandard commodities worth N7 million in Bauchi State.

The Northeast Zone Director of SON, Adamu Abba, stated that the purpose of the activity in Bauchi was to ensure that only high-quality commodities were sold to the public.

To ensure the safest and most ecologically sound disposal of all food and non-food items confiscated, he said the operation was carried out in tandem with the Bauchi State Environmental Protection Agency.

This is for the sake of saving the planet and preventing harm to citizens’ lives and property.

Beverages, cosmetics, mayonnaise, peak milk, and agrochemicals are among the wrecked products, he said.

The zonal director reemphasized that everyone has a role to play in eliminating subpar goods.

He urged the general people to notify the SON office of any suspect substandard product on the market.

Abba praised merchant and craftsman groups for helping out by reporting most expired products willingly so the organization could take action.

Murtala Sa’ad, the organization’s state coordinator, also spoke, praising the dedication and expertise of his staff for achieving this goal through their weekly market survey.

According to him, as a result, “the expired, substandard, and unbranded products were seized from various shops in Bauchi.”

He cautioned business owners to stop engaging in deceptive activities, saying his group would not let up in its pursuit of defaulters until they felt the full force of the law.

Sa’ad cautioned the general people to be vigilant about examining product expiration dates before utilizing them.

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