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In Kaduna, nine ward chairmen and 700 members of the NNPP have defected to the Labour Party

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There have been defections from the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) in Kaduna, with nine ward chairmen and over 700 members joining the Labour Party (LP).

On Thursday, decampees were welcomed to Kaduna by Ekene Abubakar Adams, the state representative for the Chikun/Kajuru Federal Constituency, and Umaru Mohammadu, the Northwest Chairman of LP.

Kujama, Narayi, Sabon-Tasha, Kakau, Sabon-Gari Rido, Nasarawa, Gwagwada, and Yelwa residents are among those who have been uprooted.

While greeting them at his constituency office, Ekene and other LP chieftains assured them they had made the right choice due to the increasing visibility of the party across the state.

More influential people from other political parties would feel compelled to join the party after seeing the strong showing of support already existent. “The Labour Party is a movement that is ready to present a benchmark for good governance and take over the reins of power for the benefit of all, and I believe that history is about to be made in Kaduna and the nation because of this,” he said.

Kujama Ward Chairman Mr. Nuhu Aruwa expressed his pleasure at being affiliated with the party.

Firdausi George, leader of the women of the Rido Ward, pledged that her group will do everything in its power to help the party succeed.

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