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In Lagos, the army has started looking into the suspicious death of a driver

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The Nigerian Army has said that they have opened a probe into the reported killing of a driver named Mr. Lawal by individuals wearing military uniforms.

BANKPAWA readers may recall that the deceased driver’s loved ones had previously sounded the alert about the possible murder of their breadwinner last Thursday in Lagos.

Despite the lack of information, an inquiry is being conducted, according to Lieutenant Colonel Olabisi Olalekan Ayeni, the Acting Deputy Director of Army Public Relations for the 81st Division of the Nigerian Army.

It stated that the Division, in conjunction with the Lagos Police Command, would conduct the inquiry, and that if the suspects were found to be active-duty military personnel, they would be subject to the full force of both military and civil law.

“While the matter is under investigation, Headquarters 81 Division requests the family of the deceased to exercise patience and wait for the outcome of the investigation as whoever is found wanting will be made to face disciplinary action,” the statement read.

The Army reaffirmed its position of having no tolerance for illegal behavior or wrongdoing among its armed forces.

The 81st Division’s General Officer Complained to the Victim’s Family and Said Justice Would Be Served Gen. MT Usman.

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