In the near future Emirates will resume service to Nigeria .uk

In the near future, Emirates will resume service to Nigeria

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Festus Keyamo, minister of aviation and aerospace development, has stated that Emirates Airline will shortly reveal the precise date it will resume flight operations to Nigeria.

On the fringes of last week’s Dubai Airshow, he claims to have had a conversation with Emirates Airline executives about the airline’s services between Dubai and Nigeria.

On Sunday, Keyamo revealed on his X account that the federal government is preparing for the restart.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been a strong advocate for resuming flights from Dubai to Nigeria, and last week I met with the highest echelon of Emirates Airlines on the sidelines of the Dubai Airshow in Dubai, where we had extremely cordial and constructive conversations toward this end.

“We are presently working on the small details, and the airline will soon announce the exact date of their resumption of the flights,” he said.

Keyamo claimed to have visited the booths of several prominent international aerospace companies during the biannual airshow.

According to Keyamo, the event was inspiring enough that he is “organizing Nigeria’s own version of the Airshow in 2024 in Lagos, Nigeria, in collaboration with the private sector.”

You may recall that in October 2022, Emirates Airline ceased service to Nigeria because it was unable to retrieve cash that had become stuck there.

Twice in 2018, the airline temporarily halted service, beginning in August of both years.

In October, Emirates Airlines said that it would not be flying to or from Nigeria because $85 million in revenue was stuck there.

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