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In the upcoming chilly months, drivers are urged to refrain from drinking and driving

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Ogun State’s Traffic Compliance and Enforcement Corps (TRACE) is urging drivers to abstain from DUIs and other traffic violations as the ’ember’ months begin on Friday.

The warning came from the TRACE Owode-Ijako Unit Commander, Mrs. Temitope Oseni, who spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday in Ota.

She explained that the warning was essential due to the widespread belief that drivers are more likely to be careless during the “ember” months because they are rushing to make ends meet.

“Most of the road accidents that occur during the ember months are caused by bad attitudes of drivers,” she stated.

Drivers are asked to exercise patience and caution, as the unit commander has requested.

In her opinion, driving under the influence is prohibited during, before, and after the ’ember’ months.

Oseni urged drivers to check the steering, lights, brakes, wipers, and tires.

To prevent accidents, “we are also appealing to motorists to reduce their speed and obey all traffic rules,” she added.

She also warned against careless parking in an effort to avoid collisions.

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