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Insecurity: Peace Clubs Launch at four Colleges

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In an effort to lessen violence in Nigeria, the Peace Club was launched at four institutions thanks to the efforts of the Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND) and the Partners for Peace Network.

While speaking to the students at Imo State University, Godsent Chilos, the network’s Owerri coordinator, mentioned that the Peace Club was recently inaugurated due to the alarming security condition in the country.

His argument is that the Southeast’s devastating insecurity can be alleviated by the adoption of diplomatic political initiatives. He also underlined the importance of an inclusive strategy that ensures all parties are fairly represented to help bring about peace in the region.

The establishment of a peace club, he said, might put an end to societal and family violence. Members who have received training in this area will also keep the peace on campus.

We have already established Press Clubs in secondary schools across the region, and today we are launching peace clubs at four local universities and colleges: Imo State University, University of Calabar, Federal College of Education (Technical) Asaba, and Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic.

The Peace Club at Imo State University is at the center of this initiative, which aims to provide a framework for promoting and maintaining a culture of peace on campus. Students will be able to communicate with one another to settle disagreements peacefully, he said.

Prof. (Fr.) Philip Ogbonna, IMSU’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academics), spoke on behalf of IMSU’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. (Fr.) Uchefula Chukwumaeze, and praised Peace Club members for their volunteers while stressing the need of being excellent leaders and maintaining peace in their respective communities.

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In order to keep the peace on campus, he said the university would collaborate with the Peace Club.

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