IRCC Processing Time

IRCC Processing Time and What to Expect After Application

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IRCC Processing Time

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada help immigrants enter the country, protects refugees, and provides services to assist immigrants settling in Canada. It also:
• confers citizenship;
• provides Canadians with travel documents (like passports).

IRCC Processing Time and What to Expect After Application

Based on the time it took to process equivalent applications in the past, IRCC determines processing times. IRCC receives the application, and processing is complete after the immigration officer has decided on the application. Additionally, the processing time may change depending on whether the application was submitted online or on paper.

Processing Period for Sponsorship of Families

  • Common-law partner or a spouse residing outside of Canada: 23 months (increased by 1 month since last week)
  • Common-law partner or a spouse residing in Canada: 14 months
    37 months
  • Parents or grandparents

Processing for Economic Class

  •  17-month Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  •  26 months for Federal Skilled Worker (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP): 47 months
  •  Express entrance Provincial Nominee Program (PNP): 15 months
  • PNP for Non-Express Entry: 23 months
  • A skilled worker from Quebec: 24 months.
  • Business class in Quebec: 65 months.
  • Federal Independent Contractor: 41 months
  • The 15-month Atlantic Immigration Program.
  • Visa for Start-Ups: 32 months

Application for Temporary Residence Processing Time

  • Visitor visa outside of Canada: Country-specific (India: 154 days – Increased by 7 days since the last update on October 19)
  • Visitor visa within Canada: online 16 days and paper 42 days. (Increased by 1 day following the October 19 update)
  • Super Visa for parents or grandparents: varies by nation (India: 92 days: Increased by 15 days since the last update on October 19)
  • Visitor record extension (203 days online and 182 days on paper). (reduced from the last update on October 19 by 1 day (online) and 2 days (paper-based))
  • 13 weeks for study permits outside of Canada
  • Four weeks for a study permit in Canada
  • Work permit outside of Canada: Dependent on the nation (India: 16 weeks: Reduced by 2 weeks since the last update on October 19). Applications are prioritized for vital vocations. Your processing time can be longer than indicated above if you are not applying for a position in a crucial occupation.
  • Extension of the study permit: 76 days on paper and 83 days online. (Last updated on October 19: increased by 4 days (online) and 1 day (paper-based)).
  • 169 days online and 86 days on paper for work permits inside Canada (new applications or extensions). (after the latest update on October 19, it increased by 1 day (online) and decreased by 1 day (paper-based))
  • 7 Weeks International Experience Canada (Present Season)
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Processing times for PR cards and citizenship

  • 25-month citizenship grant
  •  Citizenship Certificate (17 months): evidence of citizenship
  • Time to regain citizenship: 23 months
  • Duration of citizenship renunciation: 17 months
  • 16-month search period for citizenship records (increased by 1 month since last week)
  • 75 days for a new PR card (increased by 10 days since last week)
  •  92 days for renewing a PR card (reduced by 1 day since last week)


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Factors that May Prolong the Processing Time for

Processing times for PR cards and citizenship

The CIC states that some factors can affect how long it takes to process your Canadian visa. These consist of the following:
1. Visa application type
2. Residence of applicants’ nation
3. Application accuracy and completeness
4. How quickly information about the applicant can be verified
5. How quickly can IRCC handle already-in-the-system applications?
6. How quickly an applicant responds to more questions or issues

Processing Time for Citizenship in Canada

1 year
An average Canadian citizenship grant takes one year and twelve months to process. This means that it should take around a year from the day your completed application is submitted for it to be fully processed.

Processing Time for Canadian Visitor Visas

12 days

Like work visas and study permits, the country from which the application is made can affect how quickly a guest visa is processed. A Canada visitor visa can often take a few days to a few weeks to process. The processing time for applications submitted from within Canada is only 12 days.

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Processing Time for Canadian Spousal Sponsorship

12 to 36 months.

The processing time for a spousal sponsorship is usually about a year. However, it may be shorter or as long as 36 months, depending on certain situations and geographical areas.

Processing Time for SuperVisa

3-8 weeks

Most super visa applications are approved in a few weeks or less; however, it might take up to 8 weeks. Depending on the visa office and the nation you are applying from, processing periods change.

Permit to Work After Graduation (PGWP)

2 to 3 months

After your education, you can anticipate a 2- to 6-month delay before applying for a Canadian post-graduate work permit. If you applied for your PGWP before your student permit expires, you may work while you wait.

Process time for Express Entry

60 days

The Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), Federal Skilled Trades (FST), Canadian Experience Class (CEC), and various Provincial Nominee Programs are among the streams that make up the Express Entry Program (PNP).
The majority of Express Entry applications are handled six months after being accepted. The applicant must provide all required documents and upload them to their unique Express Entry profile before the six-month processing period starts.

Time for Processing PR Cards

13-27 days

While renewing or replacing a PR card will take about 27 days, applying for a new one may only take 13 days.

Processing Time for PR Card Renewal

3- to 4 months

Processing a PR renewal request could take weeks or even months. Consider renewing it before it expires if you plan to travel outside Canada.

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Processing Time for Canadian Work Permits

1-27 weeks

The processing period for Canadian work permits has the widest variance. The time it takes to process a work permit entirely relies on how well your application was filled out and whose office you applied to. According to our research, a Canadian Work Permit can be processed between 1 to 27 weeks.

Processing Time for LMIA

8-29 days

In 2022, Canada will receive many LMIA applications, which could lead to longer processing times and potential delays, particularly in the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. The processing time for your application can range from 8 to 29 business days, depending on which LMIA you apply for.

Processing Time for Study Permits

1-16 weeks

Like work permits, the processing time for Canadian study permits mostly depends on the applicant’s country of residence. A Canadian study permit typically takes 1 to 16 weeks to process.

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