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Is Energy A Good Career Path?

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The energy sector is crucial to the daily existence of billions of people worldwide. Is working in the energy sector a wise career choice? Technological and energy improvements have produced a variety of stable energy occupations. Explore the various career options in the energy sector, including the highest-paying energy professions.

People who work in the energy sector are in charge of keeping businesses, residences, and many other industries operating. Energy occupations range widely, from manual work to engineering and software creation. Additionally, there are more job prospects as the need for renewable energy increases. You are guaranteed to find a job that pays well and suits you if you are looking for an energy-related employment opportunity.

Is Energy a Good Career Path?

The energy sector offers a wide variety of job kinds and career paths. This is because numerous energy sources are currently in use around the globe. Even though we still rely on fossil fuels for our energy, renewable energy sources like solar and wind farms contribute more and more to our energy supply every year.

Energy Sector Jobs
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What Working in the Energy Sector Looks Like

To different people, working in the energy industry can appear very different. For instance, a worker in the renewable energy industry won’t use the same equipment as a worker at a natural gas excavation site.

Jobs in the energy sector can be found in a variety of fields. Most of the time, office environments are where software developers, financial analysts, and information systems managers work. In the lab, chemists will work. On-site workers include installers and machine operators. Each stage of the energy harvesting cycle will probably be encountered by those who pursue careers in energy engineering.

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What Are Energy Jobs Worth?

Most people considering starting a career want to discover how lucrative their chosen field might be. So, is a job in electricity generation a worthwhile choice? Jobs in the energy industry often pay well. Some of the highest-paying jobs in the power generation sector are available in the field of renewable energy. However, there are a lot of traditional energy jobs that are also very well paid. As reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median yearly pay for employees in the energy sector ranges between $80,000 and $100,000.

Jobs in Energy with the Fastest Growth

The five energy jobs with the fastest growth rates are shown below. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the average anticipated growth rate for all occupations is eight percent. As you can see, these five professions considerably outpace that rate and are expanding.

Three of the five occupations listed below are in the conventional energy sector, while two are in the renewable energy one.

  • Wind turbine technician employment is expected to expand by 68% between 2020 and 2030.
  • 52% more jobs are anticipated for solar panel installers from 2020 to 2030.
  • Derrick Operator: Employment is expected to grow by 30% between 2020 and 2030.
  • Employment growth for software developers is expected to be 22% from 2020 to 2030.
  • Industrial machinery mechanics are expected to see a 19% employment growth from 2020 to 2030.

The Top 6 Highest Paying Energy Jobs

Numerous engineering and scientific roles can be found in the highest-paying energy industries. The following six positions apply to the whole energy industry, albeit some strong focus on conventional energy. Each of the six energy careers with the top salaries has a promising job outlook. Engineering has several of these high-paying jobs. Learn more about how to enter the field of energy engineering.

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Environmental Scientist

When designing solutions to problems that have a negative impact on the environment, environmental engineers combine their knowledge of several natural disciplines. These engineers manage pollution, waste disposal, and other issues by considering the needs of the environment and the needs of the people who live there. A bachelor’s degree is necessary for this job.


These scientists are skilled in several areas. Chemists are familiar with chemical processes resulting in combustion, solar energy, and other things. They may even utilize this information to assist in the creation of new items. In a lab, chemists often put in regular hours. A chemist in the energy industry often has a doctorate in their discipline.

Industrial Engineer

An industrial engineer could be required when an energy project reaches a certain size. To cut waste and achieve maximum efficiency, these engineers design solutions. Industrial engineers must thoroughly understand all tools and goods used on the job site. In this field, a Master’s degree is helpful, but a Bachelor’s degree is necessary.

Civil Engineer

A power plant is an example of an infrastructure project that civil engineers plan, develop, build, and maintain. A civil engineer is required for these major projects to manage rules, expenses, risks, and historical data throughout the planning. A Bachelor’s degree in the relevant subject is required for civil engineers, while extra education is advised.

Does The Energy Sector Pay A Reasonable Salary?

The annual U.S. Energy & Employment Report (USEER) supplement states that the median annual wage in the United States is 34% higher for energy workers. The industry with the highest salaries is still oil and gas. On the other hand, Renewables promise more exciting growth because government subsidies and industry trends support them.

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