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Islamic scholar: Nigeria’s problems come from God

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Sheikh Ibrahim Bauchi, a prominent Muslim scholar, has said that Nigeria’s present issues are tests from God and has urged the country’s citizens to quit criticizing their leaders.

This was announced during a news conference on Thursday in Bauchi by the scholar, who is also the oldest son of Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi, to reveal preparations for the 2023 September 26 Maulud festival.

He said that pointing fingers at certain politicians or citizens would not solve the country’s problems.

“We are all accountable for our actions; Allah, the Almighty, is the source of our blessings and our trials.

The best thing Nigerians can do right now, in my opinion, is to revert back to Allah.

He remarked, “Patience and prayers are what is expected of us; we must take action to make things better in our own ways through legitimate means.”

He warned religious leaders against making unfiltered comments that may incite violence and disrupt social harmony.

“What causes hatred and acrimony among religious leaders is mostly verbal attacks against each other,” he argued.

In his sermons, he pleaded on Islamic academics to stop smearing the reputations of those who disagree with them.

Great Islamic scholars like Shehu Tijjani, Sheikh Ibrahim, Shehu Abdulkadir, and Shehu Dan Fodiyo should not be abused or cursed in any way.

He cited them as being among the “exalted servants of Allah” who had made “immense contributions” to Islam’s development.

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