IT Support Technician Job Description 

IT Support Technician Job Description

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What do IT support technicians do?

IT support specialists assist computer users by guiding them in using and troubleshooting various computer networks and equipment. IT support technicians require programming and problem-solving aptitude to succeed in this Position.
IT support specialists can now use the skills acquired in earlier computer science courses to support business operations by assisting staff members with their online task completion.

IT Support Technician Job Description 

IT support technicians assist computer users with using and maintaining various technological devices.
Their duties include installing, configuring, testing, and upgrading computer software and hardware while offering technical support to clients.
IT support technicians typically conduct activities for businesses that center around finding and fixing technical issues.
They serve as on-call system specialists who offer IT fixes as soon as a problem arises.
They also look after company networks and guarantee that computer systems operate without interruption.
IT technicians set up and configure new equipment for a company or client as part of their work.
They train computer users on new systems by performing technical demonstrations to familiarize them with operational procedures.
They converse with clients who need technical support to offer solutions over the phone, via email, or in person.
IT support technicians maintain computer and network systems regularly as part of their duties.
They run diagnostic tests to locate and fix errors in a technical system.
Additionally, they keep track of client issues and suggest fixes.
They typically read and adhere to equipment installation or system repair instructions.
They refer customers to staff members with more experience when a problem needs to be resolved effectively. Before its release, they test new applications and technologies.
IT support specialists, such as software developers and computer engineers, work with IT support technicians to create and implement IT support plans.
Additionally, they follow up with clients to get input that can be used to make necessary corrections and service enhancements.
They keep an eye on how the tools and applications are used to ensure peak performance.
IT support technicians develop and maintain websites for clients as part of their job duties.
Another aspect of the IT support technician job description is replacing or upgrading current IT equipment, such as terminals and printers.
An Associate’s degree in computer science, networking, or a closely related field is necessary to be hired for this role.
To succeed at work, one must have strong interpersonal, problem-solving, and communication abilities.

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Responsibilities and obligations

Here are some of the responsibilities and duties of an IT support technician:

  • Configuration and deployment of 1:1 devices
  • Direct support for students, teachers, and administrators
  • Mobile device management using Jamf Pro
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Meraki Networking, Nutanix VM
  • Management of Google Workspaces
  • Resolution of IT Help Desk tickets
  • Support for hardware or software installation, configuration, and troubleshooting for all district technology use
  • VOIP Phone Support
  • District equipment inventory management
  • End-user software and technology training
  • Complex issue analysis and troubleshooting


Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Capabilities for the Position of an IT support technician

Are you considering a career as an IT support specialist? If so, you may need to meet the following essential criteria to be considered for the Position by the majority of employers:

  • Education and Training

You require an Associate’s degree in computer science, networking, or programming to work as an IT support technician. A Bachelor’s degree in one of the fields above boosts one’s employability. A minimum of three years of experience in the IT sector is also required for the Position of IT support.

  • Communication Ability

IT support specialists can communicate with clients clearly and concisely.

  • Problem-solving Ability

They are skilled in offering IT solutions to meet consumer needs.
They collaborate with different tech experts to develop and put into place IT support plans.


Suppose you are hiring for the Position of IT support technician. In that case, you can use the information in this article to design a job description that effectively draws the top people to your business.
This article is also helpful for those considering a career as an IT technician because it gives them comprehensive details about the tasks and obligations of the Position to aid in their preparation.

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