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Jigawa state police announce the discovery of a 16-year-old girl’s body in a well

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In the Ringim Local Government of Jigawa State, the body of a 16-year-old girl was discovered in a well.

An unnamed relative of the victim told BANKPAWA that the attack took place last Saturday in the village of Beguwa.

Four days after the tragedy, on Wednesday, other farmers on their way to the farm noticed a terrible stench and found the deceased woman’s body.

He stated that the body was removed and buried in accordance with Islamic law with the assistance of the fire department, security people, and good Samaritans.

He said that the victim’s boyfriend and his buddies gang-raped her and then dumped her body in a well outside of town.

He urged the government of Jigawa State and non-governmental groups to keep an eye on developments and guarantee that justice was served.

DSP Lawan Shiisu Adam, who heads up public relations for the state police, verified the event to BANKPAWA

On the borders of the Ringim village of Beguwa, he added, police received a report that the body of the missing girl had been found in a well.

According to him, the investigation uncovered and arrested the primary suspect, who had been seen with the deceased at a wedding before she went missing.

Shiisu has stated that the inquiry is ongoing and that further information would be made available at a later date.

A civil society organization focused on Gender-based Violence and other human rights abuses, coordinated by Maryam Ibrahim and Zainab Salisu, has vowed to see the matter through to a local conclusion in response to concerns that the issue will be swept under the rug.

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