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Karfe urges religious leaders to avoid crisis by preaching the truth to their congregations

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Mr. Methodius Karfe, Programme Manager of the Kukah Centre in Kaduna, has called on religious leaders to save the country by preaching the truth to their congregations.

Tuesday morning, at the start of a one-day debate on “Strengthening Synergy Between Religious Leaders and Security Operatives in Kaduna State,” Karfe offered this piece of advise.

We all know that the country’s north was once a safe haven, but that things have changed and there are now security concerns there.

The purpose of the gathering is to shed light on these problems and offer constructive answers to ensure the stability of the society as a whole.

“In achieving this common goal, we need to collaborate and work as individuals, community leaders, religious bodies, and security agencies,” he stated.

The manager of the program also suggested that the cooperation between religious authorities and law enforcement be improved.

He gave his word that the Kukah center would keep working with various groups to ensure the stability of the peace in Kaduna State and the nation as a whole.

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