Key to Wikki Tourists success in NNL revealed by team chief .uk

Key to Wikki Tourists’ success in NNL revealed by team chief

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The team’s success, according to Wikki Tourists chairman Auwal Gotel, is due to the players’ perseverance, self-control, and capable coaching staff.

During an interview with Bauchi-based journalists, Gotel dropped the bombshell.

He blamed the team’s generous benefits package for their successful run in the Nigeria National League this year.

Bauchi Elephants head coach Azeez Audu was also praised by Gotel for his technical abilities.

Bringing Wikki Tourists back to the Nigeria Premier Football League for the upcoming season was something he emphasized again and again.

Regardless of the circumstances, he urged the club’s followers to keep praying for the team’s success and to act morally.

Regardless of one’s rank or position within the club, he emphasized that everyone must work together to ensure the club’s success.

The Wikki Tourists have 19 points, good for first place in Northern Conference C.

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