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Kogi Governor: “Dino Melaye’s Administration Doesn’t Kill People Like Gov. Bello’s Does” — Atiku

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Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has taken a shot at Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello, after allegedly denying the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) the use of Confluence Stadium Lokoja to perform their campaign rally finale.

According to a report by BANKPAWA, the party’s 2023 presidential contender invaded the historic city of Lokoja to urge voters to support the PDP’s gubernatorial candidate, Dino Melaye, on November 11.

He criticized Governor Bello for reportedly denying the PDP use of the Stadium and called for removing the All Progressives Congress (APC) from power in Kogi State to end the state’s unfavorable policies.

After being turned away from the Osun State stadium, we held our rally at the party headquarters. The PDP eventually removed them from office. Now they have booked all the hotels in the area around Confluence Stadium Lokoja to prevent us from coming. You came to the party secretariat to demonstrate your support for Senator Dino Melaye despite what they did, and for that I am grateful,” Atiku remarked.

He thinks that if Dino Melaye is elected governor, the state will benefit from improved leadership and economic growth.

“Dino is committed, bold, and well-focused. He doesn’t carry out extrajudicial killings like the current government in Kogi State. Atiku urged voters to cast their ballots and stand by their choices.

Dino Melaye, on his part, pledged a God-fearing administration.

The man spoke thusly:

I have more education, experience, and exposure than any of the other 18 candidates for Governor. It is time for Kogi State to cease practices like percentage pay, bribery, layoffs, and the nonpayment of pensions. Yahaya Bello dismissed every civil servant without cause. All of them will be back to work in three months. Don’t vote for any little political party that does not have a political fallopian tube.

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I want it known that the current Kogi government did everything in its power to prevent us from holding this gathering. Those who are loyal to this regime have stopped our people from Kogi East and begun shooting at them. Our followers gathered here in spite of them because they were sick of Governor Bello’s rule.

Former Kogi State Governor Idris Wada claimed that the state’s current administration, the All Progressives Congress, was responsible for the state’s decline into poverty, anemic growth, and underdevelopment, despite the PDP’s many accomplishments.

He claimed that the APC’s seven and a half years in power had been wasted in Kogi State and that the people of the state should now act to remove their poor leaders.

No percentage salaries were offered throughout my time there. Employees were still grinning at the bank after receiving their salaries on time. During the People’s Democratic Party’s rule, tremendous progress was made. The situation has changed, however. The People’s Republic of China needs to break free from authoritarianism now. Wada urged his constituents to support Dino Melaye in the upcoming election.

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