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Kogi okada riders go on strike over a reported case of manhood stealing

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On Thursday, the commercial motorbike drivers, known as okada in Lokoja, the capital of Kogi State, went on strike over the alleged theft of a passenger’s manhood.

Mallam Umar Muhammed, the state chairman of the Okada Riders Association, made the announcement to reporters. He claimed the decision to go on strike was made because of the claims.

He claims that numerous members have been wrongfully attacked by fare-avoiding customers who then accuse them of taking manhoods.

According to him, okada riders have been beaten when passengers who were chosen by their drivers report missing manhoods upon arrival.

“When some of the passengers don’t have the cash to pay, they fake a lack of virility to get out of paying. They’ll take the law into their own hands and beat up the commercial rider instead of reporting the incident to the authorities. In his latter years, “the people said his manhood had returned to his body,” he explained.

To prevent civil unrest in the state, he demanded that security services and the state administration investigate the situation.

According to a recent story by BANKPAWA, police in Lokoja, Kogi State, have detained many people they believe to be ritualists who have been snatching male parts from their victims.

Through its people Relations Officer, SP William Ovye Aya, the Kogi State Police Command released a statement on Wednesday night urging the people to maintain quiet and warning that anyone responsible for disturbing the peace would be punished.

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