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Legislators Are the Most Joked About, According to Akpabio

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Godswill Akpabio, president of the Senate of Nigeria, has said that lawmakers are the most misunderstood members of the government.

During a celebration of Senator Kunle Oyero’s 100th birthday in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Akpabio made this announcement. Oyero represented Ogun Central in the Senate during the Second Republic.

The Abeokuta Grammar School Old Boys’ Association (AGSOBA) hosted a symposium with the theme “Legislation in Nigeria: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.”

Shuaib Afolabi Salis of Ogun Central represented Akpabio in the senate since he was ill and unable to attend.

Legislators are frequently mocked and criticized since the general public lacks insight into this branch of government. In reality, there are occasions when the general public believes the legislature isn’t performing its job.

But imagine if there had been no legislature in 2007; Nigeria’s president would have been in office indefinitely. Consider what may have gone wrong in Nigeria if its legislature had been abolished.

“Because individuals don’t grasp the legislature, there is also an issue. Sometimes legislators are the victims of the system, as one person put it.

I provided some examples for the event’s moderator, Dr. Reuben Abati. From a distance, it was clear that certain senators in the ninth session were carrying out their duties as senators. They were instrumental in initiating motions, introducing legislation, and intervening effectively.

Legislators in the chamber primarily perform three tasks: funding, supervision, and lawmaking. Most of those senators were doing those things, but guess what? No one ever came back. That’s because voters use a different yardstick than the curriculum does to evaluate senators’ performance.

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The three main responsibilities of a lawmaker that will be outlined in the course outline are lawmaking, supervision, and budgeting. Anyone in the Senate or House of Representatives who restricts himself to that will face opposition from his own party.

“…because the number of transformers is used as a measure of legislators’ effectiveness…”People who actually vote use things like, “Distinguished Senator, my wife has put to bed,” “Distinguished Senator, my mother-in-law is dead,” and “Distinguished Senator, I want to do a freedom ceremony from my apprenticeship” to judge how well you’ve done.

He feared that the elite had abandoned the voting power to people “who do not understand the choices before them,” and he urged them to get involved in and care deeply about the upcoming election.

According to Akpabio, Oyero is the last living legend from the Nigerian Senate, and he promised him that the Red Chamber would carry on in his footsteps.

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