Life Top 10 Life Insurance Companies In Australia 2023

Life Insurance Companies In Australia

One of the most significant investments you will ever make is a life insurance companies in Australia policy. Finding life insurance companies in Australia, however, might be difficult depending on your needs.

You might wish to become familiar with the features and benefits provided by life insurance companies in Australia, given that there are 27 different insurers licensed with APRA so you can make the ideal choice for your family.

When picking a life insurance company in Australia, there are typically several things to consider. When you buy a policy, you might want to look at the possibility that your claim will be paid, the premiums you’ll have to pay, or whether you’ll qualify for a discount. Compare the features and advantages offered by top insurers to find a solution that works for you and your family.

Life Insurance Companies In Australia

List Of Top 10 Life Insurance Companies In Australia

Below is the list of the top best life insurance companies in Australia, and they include the following:

1. NEOS And Nobleoak

NobleOak provides Life Insurance to you directly, free of consultant fees and exorbitant administrative costs. Our products are completely underwritten, and if necessary, an SMSF may be used to acquire our Life, TPD, and Income Protection policy. We also provide trauma insurance.

Australian Life Development Pty Ltd, which was founded in early 2017 to enter the Australian life insurance market, is known by its registered business name, NEOS Life. The NEOS founders and personnel own the remaining shares, while Centrepoint Alliance owns a minority stake.

NobleOak Life and Pacific Life Re are APRA-regulated life insurers and companies that provide NEOS Protection products.

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The distributor and administrator of NEOS Life policies, NEOS Life seeks to redefine Australian life insurance by providing timely decisions, attentive service, and cost-effective coverage.

2. Tal Life Limited

AL, formerly Tower Australia, was founded in New Zealand in 1869. In 1990, Tower made its way to Australia, and in 1996, it was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Tower and Prefsure merged in 2007. Tower acquired a direct insurance distributor named Insurance Line in 2008. Under Accelerated Protection, TAL Life Limited provides risk insurance products such as: Life Insurance (also available through TAL super). If the life insured dies or is identified as having a terminal disease, TAL will pay a lump amount under this coverage.

3. MLC Limited

Customers of MLC have access to a variety of insurance options, such as life insurance, total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance, income protection, and critical illness insurance. Compare policies to determine if this insurer offers coverage that meets your needs.

4. Metlife Australia Limited

MetLife Australia, a market leader in life insurance, collaborates with employers, super funds, and financial advisors. It helps Australians maintain the lifestyle they love and offers assistance when they most need it.

5.  Integrity Life Australia Limited

One of Australia’s most recent life insurance companies to enter the market is Integrity Life. They hope to fundamentally disrupt and improve life insurance in Australia by utilizing technology to develop simple and easy-to-understand products.

An insurance provider with headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio is called Integrity Life Insurance Company. The 1966-founded business offers its clients life, accident, and health insurance coverage. As of the year 2000, the business is a division of Western & Southern Financial Group.

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6.  Clearview Life Assurance Limited

Australian life insurance and asset management company ClearView is completely diversified. By granting access to a variety of industry-leading wealth management and life insurance solutions, we are dedicated to assisting financial advisors, strategic partners, and clients. In 1976, Clearview began as NRMA Life, offering life insurance to NRMA clients.

Clearview has developed into a diversified wealth management and life insurance company throughout the years. Currently, Clearview is traded on the ASX.

7. Resolution Life

Managing portfolios of life insurance policies is the primary emphasis of Resolution Life, a multinational life insurance organization.

AMP Limited, a mutual company founded in 1849 and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in the middle of 1998, was the first owner of AMP Life.

8. Aia Australia Limited

An unlisted public corporation with foreign ownership, AIA Australia Limited makes and sells life and health insurance products for a living. The business, which has a head office in Melbourne and employs over 2,230 employees, is active in Australia.

Aids in providing financial support for your family if you pass or receive a terminal illness diagnosis. This money can be utilized for things like paying off debt, paying rent, paying the mortgage, supporting the family, and paying for home expenses.

9. ZURICH Life Insurance

Zurich Insurance Group Ltd. (Zurich Insurance) is a multi-line insurance goods and services provider. It provides a variety of general and life insurance goods and services to private customers, SMEs, major corporations, and multinational organizations.

10. Suncorp Insurance Life

Your death from an accident, illness, or natural causes may be covered by Suncorp Life Protect Insurance. A few of the specific advantages are: Up to $10,000 early payout on approved death claims for funeral costs is available to help compensate for potential unforeseen expenditures, including legal fees.

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11. Allianz Life Insurance

Your loved ones can get a death benefit from Allianz life insurance, which is typically tax-free. Additionally, you receive access to your cash worth, flexible premium alternatives, and the chance to earn indexed interest.


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life insurance companies in Australia was the team of our discussion, and from discovery, Onepath has the greatest claims acceptance rate for death cover purchased through a financial provider for the period of 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021, according to the team of life insurance firms in Australia with whom we spoke at the time.

In this time frame, the insurance honored 98.1% of the 2021 claims that were submitted. Following them are TAL and Zurich, both of which accepted 97.5% of the claims they received.

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