Long-Term Auto Loans

Guide To Long-Term Auto Loans: 84 Month Auto Loan

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It can be tempting to take out a long-term auto loan when looking for one. This is due to the possibility of a monthly payment that is significantly lower than what it would be for a loan with a shorter duration. Increasing the amount of money you have each month may seem like a wise financial decision.

A typical 84-month auto loan is one of the long-term auto loans available; however, not all lenders will offer them, and specialty lenders may have an alternative, longer durations available. Eight-year long-term auto loans can provide a cheap monthly payment, though you might want to compare lenders if you’re looking for this.

Do you really need to choose between an 84-month auto loan and a long-term auto loan? Long-term auto loans will it be advantageous? It all depends, but there are undoubtedly disadvantages to long-term auto loans that should be weighed against their advantages; checking out.

Long-Term Auto Loans

What Is A Long-Term Auto Loan?

However, not all lenders will offer them, and specialty lenders may have alternative, lengthier periods available. Long-term auto loans are one of the longest automobile loan terms available and are typically 96 months long. An eight-year vehicle loan can offer you reasonable monthly payments, but you may want to compare lenders if you’re looking for this.

How Long-Term Auto Loans Work

A 96-month auto loan is typically one of the longest terms available; however, not all lenders will offer them, and specialty lenders may have alternative, longer terms available. An eight-year vehicle loan can offer you reasonable monthly payments, but you may want to compare lenders if you’re looking for this.

How To Get A Long Term Car Loan (84 Month Auto Loan)

  • Review your credit report and score.
  • Demonstrate your ability to pay back loans.
  • Have a co-signer ready to go

The Risks Of Long-Term Auto Loans

Typically, the interest rates for long-term auto loans are greater than those on short-term loans. Even if you are able to get a loan with a long repayment period and a low interest rate, it is likely that paying off a loan for seven or eight years will result in paying more interest overall than if you had taken out a shorter-term loan.

What To Know Before Taking Out An 84-Month Auto Loan

Longer loans are susceptible to a protracted period of negative equity, which occurs when the amount owed on the car exceeds the vehicle’s market value. If you plan to keep driving the automobile for the seven years you have left on your loan, this is less important, but seven years is a long time.

List Of Companies That Offers 84 Month Auto Loan

#1. Lightstream

Reputable online lender LightStream has a simple application process, competitive interest rates, and a good track record. The likelihood of approval is high for employed borrowers with good credit scores, despite the lack of information regarding credit conditions.

#2. Caribou

Refinance loans are offered through an internet platform that collaborates with regional lenders. If you want to handle the entire vehicle refinancing procedure online, Caribou can be the best choice. Create an account on Caribou’s online platform and upload your documents once your offer application has been accepted.

#3. Refijet

A Denver, Colorado-based company called RefiJet specializes in refinancing auto loans. The business was established in 2016 and has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which has accredited it. RefiJet was also mentioned one of the “Best Work Places” by the Denver Business Journal in 2021.

#4. myAutoloan

MyAutoloan has lenders who work with borrowers who have a history of credit issues in addition to offering fair cheap rates.


Numerous refinancing choices, affordable rates, and flexible credit requirements are all provided by AUTOPAY.

#6. Chase Auto

Chase Auto provides the stability of a reliable financial institution, low rates, sizable loan amounts, and a concierge auto-buying program that makes it simple to acquire the best rates and financing alternatives for a used car.

#7. Consumers Credit Union

Although many restrict membership, credit unions frequently provide some of the best rates available. The process of joining Consumers Credit Union (CCU) is not only simple, but also reasonably priced.

#8. Bank of America

A significant financial institution supports auto loans from Bank of America. It is a strong competitor in the vehicle loan market because to low rates and a wide range of lending options.

#9. PenFed Credit Union

The rates offered by PenFed Credit Union are some of the best. Additionally, it offers members a variety of auto loan options as well as variable loan amounts.

#10. Carvana

With Carvana, you can shop for a vehicle and financing online simultaneously. It doesn’t have a minimum credit score requirement, making financing available to people with bad credit.

Best Auto Loan Length

Most personal finance experts agree that 48 months is ideal for a car loan, while some are increasing this length to 60 months because of rising vehicle prices and falling interest rates.


One of the longest loan lengths offered by auto lenders is an 84-month loan. Although some lenders even offer 96-month loan periods, the most typical top limit is 84 months.

You can spread out the monthly payments over a long period of time in an economical manner. People with low salaries or those who are self-employed and don’t have a stable source of income will find this to be most helpful.




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