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McManaman says Ivan Toney will be joining a team in January that “has a good relationship with Brentford.”

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Steve McManaman, a former midfielder for Real Madrid, has said that Ivan Toney, a striker for Brentford, could be transferred to Arsenal in the upcoming January window.

After admitting guilt on 232 betting allegations a few months ago, Toney is currently serving an eight-month term.

The English player will resume playing in the new year.

Despite having a contract with Brentford until 2025, many predict Toney will leave the club once his ban ends.

Yet McManaman thinks the 27-year-old will choose Arsenal over Liverpool.

“I believe Liverpool have enough forwards at the moment and they don’t need to make it six,” McManaman said to Betfred (as quoted by the Express).

I think Arsenal may be a spiritual home for Ivan Toney in January. This move would make sense if Mo Salah goes in the summer.

“I know that Arsenal and Brentford have a really good relationship, so maybe that would be a much easier route to take for Ivan.”

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