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Mohbad has outed his adversaries; his father has let him down. Reverend Giwa

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Pastor Adewale Giwa, the senior pastor of the Awaiting the Second Coming of Jesus Christ Ministry, has spoken on the controversy surrounding the death of Promise Oladimeji Aloba, also known as Mohbad, by saying that the police should not waste time investigating the case.

The minister claims that the musician gave away his killers in a series of viral videos and a petition he penned in the months leading up to his death.

The well-known minister criticized the deceased man’s father in his remarks about the matter.

Giwa emphasized that the father should have taken more time to mourn the loss of his son because of the circumstances surrounding his death and the fact that he was a public figure.

“I haven’t slept since that terrible thing happened. I have never met him and have no idea who he is. The details of his passing are mysterious.

I’ve researched and seen several films about him, and I can tell you that caring parents don’t sit by and do nothing while their children are slaughtered.

I don’t know what’s happened to Nigeria, and I have no idea what’s happened to the music scene there. I don’t understand your obsession with stardom. New musicians should use this as a warning not to hurry their way to stardom. It teaches a valuable lesson.

As the Inspector General of Police, I strongly urge you to issue an immediate order to your soldiers. He can proceed without waiting for authorities to finish their probe. From what I’ve seen in his videos, he openly names his adversaries. So they can immediately begin arresting anyone they suspect of involvement in the boy’s death without waiting for an inquiry to conclude.

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I’d like to implore the Inspector General of Police to expeditiously exhume Mohbad’s body and do an autopsy. The recordings showing him being tortured to the verge of death are inexplicable, he added.

As Giwa emphasized further, “confraternity has taken over both Christian and secular music in Nigeria. It’s nonsense that you can’t get anywhere in life unless you have some sort of in. This insanity needs to end immediately.

The deceased’s father shouldn’t have buried him so quickly. The father’s actions were inappropriate since he should have reported his son’s murder to the proper authorities. But I highly doubt he actually did that. Instead of immediately burying the young man, he should have waited and reported the incident to the authorities. That’s where he fell short as a parent. He should have investigated how his son died. He really did screw up big time.

The police have a plan; it is not too late. He was only buried recently, so his body is still rather fresh. His body can be brought out and an autopsy performed immediately.

If the father had been there for his son as a parent should, he wouldn’t have buried him so quickly. This should serve as a reminder to all parents everywhere to provide a safe and nurturing environment for their children.

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