My Success Is Not Due to Fela—Seun Kuti .uk

My Success Is Not Due to Fela—Seun Kuti

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Singer Seun Kuti, who has been nominated for a Grammy, has stated that being the son of the late Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti has nothing to do with his artistic achievement.

He credited the “deliberate efforts” and “dedication” of his older brother Femi Kuti and nephew Made Kuti for their respective great music careers.

According to the divisive singer, Fela’s dad, Reverend Israel Ransome-Kuti, was also a musician, but nobody ever gave him credit for his son’s success.

Kuti recently stated in an interview with actress Iyabo Ojo,

Our musical achievement is not due to our father. Femi Kuti, who is my brother, is sixty years old. My age is forty-five. Made Kute, my nephew, who is in his twenties, is also following closely after. Plus, he’s the best of the bunch. It means that we are very committed to it, and that’s why it keeps progressing.

It’s not merely that we are Fela’s offspring. No one ever claims Fela is a musician just because his dad was. Even Fela’s father was a musician, but no one knew it. My grandpa had a musical gift. In addition to penning numerous hymns, he recorded albums. In Nigeria, the first person to ever record a song was my great-grandfather. Our family has a long history of music.

Even our Australian-born brother, who was never part of the family, didn’t find out he was a Kuti until he was well into his 50s; he’s not a musician but an imaginative art director. We embody it. A group of imaginative thinkers. Those who claim we are famous artists simply because we are Fela’s offspring are, therefore, being somewhat accurate.

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