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Nasarawa-based Chinese company claims impersonation, requests federal intervention

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Ganfen Lithium Industry Limited Nigeria, a newly established Chinese firm in Nigeria’s Nasarawa State, has reported a possible threat to its corporate existence due to impersonation.

Because of this, the firm has asked the Nigerian government to step in and look into the actions of the company using the name “Ganfen Lithium Group Co Ltd,” which is purportedly impersonating it.

According to a statement released by Ganfen Lithium Industry Limited and signed by Andrew Kekunkun, Chief of Ganfeng Staff in Nasarawa, the impersonating firm is exploiting Ganfen’s corporate name to engage in criminal activities in the country, while having no connection to Ganfeng’s operations.

A recent remark on Ganfeng Lithium Group Co., Ltd.’s relationship with Ganfen Lithium Industry Limited, Nigeria, has been brought to our attention. The following is a declaration by our company.

“Ganfeng Lithium Industry Limited is a separate limited liability company duly incorporated under the laws of Nigeria. As stated on their website, they are involved in “lithium ore exploration, extraction, laboratory analysis, processing, and sales of lithium carbonate.”

The business activities of Ganfeng Lithium Industry Limited, Nigeria are confined to Nigeria. Based on its phonetic Chinese translation, our company’s name “Ganfeng” alludes to the prospect of a fruitful harvest earned through toil in Nigeria.

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