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NESG and the FG have teamed up to promote water resource development and attract investment

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The Nigerian government and the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) have launched a collaboration to encourage private investment in the country’s water infrastructure and sanitation systems.

Prof. Joseph Utsev, Minister of Water Resources and Sanitation, made this announcement in a statement on Thursday after meeting with the National Environment Stewardship Group (NESG) at his Abuja office.

Utsev applauded the NESG’s efforts and said that private sector involvement was crucial to achieving the ministry’s objectives.

In keeping with the government’s renewed hope agenda, he committed to working closely with the group to speed up the execution of the ministry’s water resources and sanitation portfolio.

Dr. Tayo Aduloju, Chief Executive Officer of the NESG, spoke at the gathering and said that the government and the private sector had developed six essential principles as the cornerstone of a modern economy at the summit’s commencement.

He named democracy, national interest governance, the rule of law, an enabling business climate, private sector commitment, and free enterprise as the tenets.

He talked about how the summit was crucial to many different transformations in Nigeria, such as the creation of GSM, pension reform, the liberalization of the maritime industry, and many more development programs.

Aduloju said that the business sector is willing to work with the ministry to achieve strategic promises that would help the government carry out its mission.

He said that the government may achieve this goal by turning its water supplies into an asset and attracting large-scale foreign investment.

Mr. Gabriel Ekanem, NESG’s Thematic Head for Water and Sanitation within the Infrastructure Policy Commission, provided more detail on the organization’s prior work with the ministry.

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He said that the scope of these partnerships included everything from water distribution to the compilation of data to the formulation of a comprehensive strategy for managing water resources.

Dr. Didi Walson-Jack, the ministry’s permanent secretary, and several directors were present.

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