Nigeria Announces Plans to Establish Passport Counters All Over the United Kingdom by February 2024 .uk

Nigeria Announces Plans to Establish Passport Counters All Over the United Kingdom by February 2024

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Manchester, Birmingham, and Cardiff (Wales) are among the major British towns that will soon have Nigerian passport front offices opening in the next three months, beginning in February 2024.

While discussing the difficulties Nigerians encounter when trying to renew their passports at diplomatic missions abroad, Minister of Interior Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo made this revelation during an interview that aired on Channels Television.

Nigerians residing outside of the country have voiced their displeasure with the delayed processing of their passport renewal and collection processes, notwithstanding the minister’s prior resolution of the backlog of more than 200,000 passports.

Statements made by the minister:

Honestly, I can only think of two locations where we are now facing this problem. Specifically, I’m thinking about New York City and London in the United Kingdom. The concentration of Nigerians is the reason for that, he added.

There isn’t a magic bullet. However, we have promised the people of Nigeria that our front offices will be operational in Scotland, Wales (Cardiff), and England (Manchester, Birmingham, and Edinburgh) by February of next year.

The minister reassured Nigerians that the process would be more efficient and less stressful once they obtained the passports. He also mentioned that the waiting period will be reduced.

Since there was just one passport office in the whole UK, he claimed, the problem remained.

The speaker brought up the fact that to renew their passports, Nigerians residing in faraway locations like Edinburgh (Scotland), Cardiff, Belfast (Northern Ireland), Manchester, or Birmingham were left with little choice but to fly to London.

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Considering the large Nigerian population, the minister emphasized the need to evaluate the daily capacity of the immigration office and the volume of passport requests they receive. Between June 2022 and June 2023, a total of 141,000 Nigerians made the journey to the UK.

Since the government might not have the funds to open passport offices nationwide, he previously told ARISE NEWS that they were looking into potential partnerships with private companies.

To combat systemic corruption, he proposed opening passport “front offices” in multiple strategic cities.

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