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No Kogi Election Took Place, INEC Only Allotted Votes – Dino Melaye

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Dino Melaye, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for governor of Kogi State, has claimed that votes were rigged in the upcoming elections on November 11.

Speaking during an appearance with Channels Television on Monday, Melaye said there was no election in the state.

Recall that on Sunday, Usman Ododo, candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), was proclaimed the winner of the state gubernatorial election.

The Social Democratic Party’s Murtala Ajaka came in second with 259,052 votes against Ododo’s 446,237. Melaye received 46,362 votes, putting her in third place.

Melaye responded that the election in Kogi was embarrassing, calling it a “setback” for democracy in Nigeria.

The candidate, who may or may not have lost previous elections, claimed he could not accept the results of an election he called “far from credible.”

I’m going to show you that there was no election. INEC was the only one who distributed votes.

This election is a disgrace. As a human being, I feel for this nation. That’s just unfortunate,” he moaned.

Although Melaye was registered to vote in the Kogi West senatorial district, he was not seen at his polling place in Ayetoro Ward 1, Ijumu Local Government Area, on Saturday.

Although the PDP candidate won his polling units with 210 votes to the APC’s 22, it seems that he did not cast a ballot in the election.

When questioned if he voted in the election, Melaye stated it was “legally irrelevant” and “immaterial” whether or not he did.

“The right or wrong to vote is not a matter of law.

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It’s true that some people win elections while behind bars, but if we’re going to talk about this election, we need to talk about the processes and results, not waste time on matters that have nothing to do with the election.

“From a legal standpoint, it makes no difference to the vote. He said, “It doesn’t matter if I voted or not.

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