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Obi presses Tinubu on his name, education, and age, demanding that he “unveil your true identity.”

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Peter Obi, candidate for president of the Labour Party (LP), has demanded an explanation from President Bola Tinubu about his identity.

On Wednesday, during a press conference in Abuja, Obi made his appeal.

The former governor of Anambra State has challenged Tinubu to reintroduce himself to the country he now leads and the globe at large.

Obi claims that only a statement from Tinubu himself would put an end to all the rumors surrounding his identity.

For the sake of the nation he rules and the globe at large, Obi advised that he make a public introduction of himself.

“He should tell everyone where he’s from, when he was born, how old he is now, what elementary and secondary schools he went to and for how long, and which colleges and degrees he earned.

When and when he completed his national youth service should be made explicit. Furthermore, if he changed his name, he should explain when and why.

This is a quick and easy task that won’t take long at all. No affidavits, drawn-out negotiations, spokespeople, agents, or surrogates are needed.

Only Chief Bola Tinubu, through a statement of his own volition, can accomplish this. He needs to have things done right away. Many questions and theories concerning his identity must be put to rest, and he must do so.

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