Officials in Kwara state have issued a warning to citizens of Ilorin not to build on busy roadways .uk

Officials in Kwara state have issued a warning to citizens of Ilorin not to build on busy roadways

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Reiterating its previous commitment, the Kwara State Government has promised to eliminate any obstacles that impede the free movement of people and vehicles on key roadways, particularly within the capital city of Ilorin.

While informing reporters on the recent exercise that took place at several key areas in Ilorin city, Mallam Shehu Ndanusa Usman, the state commissioner for the environment, made this statement in Ilorin on Wednesday.

Post office marketers and other interested parties have been meeting with me, the commissioner for business, innovation, and technology, and the commissioner for works on multiple occasions to discuss the necessity of removing their displays from under the bridge, the road median, and pedestrian walkways so that traffic and pedestrians can move freely.

“Throughout our meetings, we escorted them to Soludero Park to demonstrate proper product display techniques and advised others to relocate to Kulende Market, but unfortunately, it was in vain.”

According to Ndanusa, the ministry had given them until December 15th, 2023, to leave the locations, but they wanted to sell their wares during the holidays, so they asked for an extension until the end of the month.

We were disappointed to see that they still hadn’t complied with our order to depart by the first week of January 2024, so we began enforcement this morning.

We will not budge from our judgment over these incursions, and I would want to take this opportunity to warn the marketers at the Post Office and all other significant markets in the state. Someone will be punished severely if they are seen selling goods on the pedestrian walkway, road median, under the bridge, or any other area that blocks the free flow of vehicles or pedestrians on the road, he added.

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Ndanusa went on to say that the current state administration is determined to make sure that roads aren’t becoming insanity by letting people and cars travel freely and stopping the constant chaos that happens when roads get overgrown.

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