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Ogun issues warnings to businesses that violate construction codes

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Businesses in Ogun State have been cautioned by the state government not to break the rules or face closure if they do.

In addition, the government warned that anyone, business, or community that broke government seals or ignored government notices would face criminal charges.

This was reported by Olayiwola Abiodun, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development, during an inspection of some business establishments in Mowe along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway that had been sealed by the Ogun State Building Production Management Authority (OGBPMA).

Abiodun claimed that people’s poor rates of compliance with Stop-Work orders and seal notices demonstrated deliberate disregard for law enforcement’s directives.

The Permanent Secretary stated that the purpose of the trip to Mowe was to assess the effectiveness of OGBPMA’s enforcement initiatives and to make Ogun’s business community and its citizens aware of the importance of obtaining necessary licenses before to beginning any building projects.

He added that the tour’s purpose was to encourage people who had broken construction codes to apply for regularization with the proper authorities.

He asked anyone who has received a notice from any government agency to come to the Ministry with their documents, where they would be instructed how to regularize them.

The goal is to provide a safe and well-planned physical environment, but “we are not out to witch-hunt anyone or disturb your investments,” Abiodun said.

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