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Ogun: Young man poses as scavenger, burglarizes homes

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A man named Ibrahim Adamu, 21, was detained by police in Itele Awori, Ado-Odo/Ota Local Government Area, Ogun State, while in possession of items he is suspected of stealing while dressed as a scavenger of condemned iron scraps.

Ogun State police image maker Omolola Odutola said that Adamu admitted that he and another man regularly break into people’s homes while they’re away and steal their things.

The man was reported to have named the fleeing suspect, Azonto, as being from the state of Adamawa.

Odutola stated in a statement, “Our men have embarked on a manhunt to apprehend the fleeing suspect.”

The suspect was found with seven ceiling fans, cords, and wires when authorities checked the bag he was carrying, according to a police spokesperson.

“When he was arrested and taken to the station, he played dumb and was unable to provide satisfactory information on how he came about the items in his possession,” Odutola said.

She further said that, except from the aforementioned sack, no firearms or dangerous weapons were discovered on the suspect.

Upon closer inspection, Odutola explained, “the items are not condemned or disposed by the owner, but vandalized useful items.”

The suspect has been turned over to State CIID for investigation and prosecution, BANKPAWA has learned.

She continued by saying that Commissioner of Police Abiodun Alamutu is aware of the recent increase in danger posed by scavengers and scrap pickers and that “he has mandated the immediate arrest of anyone found vandalizing government property or property of the people in the guise of being a scavenger.”

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