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On Nigeria’s 70th birthday, Ayo Adebanjo said, “We are running Nigeria with a wrong constitution.”

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Chief Ayo Adebanjo, head of the Yoruba socio-cultural organization Afenifere, has said that Nigeria must scrap the Constitution of 1999 to solve the majority of the issues that have stymied the country’s development.

Adebanjo said this on Saturday during an interview on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily, claiming, “Nigeria’s political, economic, and cultural problems are based on the way we are running the nation under a wrong Constitution that was not embedded when we got independence.”

He said that changing the military-imposed Constitution from 1999 will set Nigeria on the correct track.

“We lost the ball when the military seized control and changed the constitution,” the wise man observed, referring to Nigeria’s independence.

The situation we’re having now stems from a constitution they imposed on us. That being said, the root of our dilemma necessitates a return to square one: revising this constitution. The military’s false constitution is the root of all of our issues.

You cannot control this country with a central authority. The colonial government was unitary, therefore the transition to federalism following the London Constitutional Conference of 1953 did not help the situation until 1954. There were no concerns or inquiries prior to that time.

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