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On this, the eve of Isese Day, Makinde has declared Monday a holiday

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The 20th of August has been officially designated by Governor Seyyi Makinde of Oyo State as Isese Day.

This was revealed on Friday by Makinde.

Traditionalists in the state’s religious community have been lobbying for their own official holiday for some time now, as reported by BANKPAWA

In honor of Isese day, they have requested that the 20th of August be recognized as a state holiday.

The governor has complied with the traditionalists’ request and designated Monday, August 21, 2023 as the first official holiday honoring the event.

To further honor Isese day, he announced that the 20th of August will henceforth be a state holiday.

The governor issued his proclamation in a statement that was signed by Professor Olanike Adeyemo, the Secretary of the Oyo State Government.

The governor called on the state’s traditional worshipers to use the event to pray for the state’s and the nation’s peace, unity, and stability.

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