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One of Nigeria’s greatest difficulties is climate change. Governor of Niger State

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Niger State Governor Mohammed Bago has named climate change as a major problem for his country.

On Friday in Minna, Bago addressed the House of Representatives Press Corps during a retreat on climate change hosted by the Niger State Government.

Through his deputy, Comrade Yakubu Garba, the governor placed some of the country’s security problems on the shoulders of global warming.

‘Climate change is a matter of concern to governments and experts in Nigeria,’ he said, ‘because it is happening at a very terrifying level.

Every year, the severe repercussions of climate change are documented, including floods, desertification, environmental contamination, and more. Climate change is a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately since it contributes to the current state of instability.

He also complained that the media isn’t giving climate change’s disastrous repercussions the attention they deserve.

I think it’s crucial that you reporters learn how to mainstream climate change so that you can cover the parliament, where laws are created.

You can use this to influence policymaking at the legislative and presidential levels.

This is why we’ve decided to call for a summit on the green economy. To lessen the effects of both natural and man-made disasters, the government of Niger State, which I lead, is giving climate change first priority.

In his keynote address, Abubakar Suleiman, director general of the National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies, urged the media to educate the people about the necessity of climate change policies for environmental sustainability.

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