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One teacher for every 79 schools in the state of Bauchi? SUBEB disproves the report

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There is one teacher for every 79 students, as stated by the administration of the Bauchi State Universal Basic Education Board SUBEB.

The management of BASUBEB was alerted to a news publication by an online medium saying that 79 schools in Misau Local Government have one teacher apiece, according to a statement released by Mohammed Abdullahi, the Public Relations Officer PRO, of the Bauchi SUBEB.

Abdullahi insisted that the published information was erroneous and inaccurate, saying that the agency did not wish to get involved in any disputes.

To set the record right, however, the ratio of students to teachers in the most recent annual School census was 1:79. This represents the average number of students with whom a teacher interacts during a given class period.

We ask that the public ignore the misleading reports and instead rely on the official statement issued by the board.

A statewide shortfall of educators was identified following the most recent Annual School Census. So, a message was sent to his Excellency requesting permission to hire more educators to fill the void, and he gave his blessing.

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