Osun State Governor Adeleke Accused of Mishandling N140 Billion, APC Says She Has Absconded

Osun State Governor Adeleke Accused of Mishandling N140 Billion, APC Says She Has Absconded
Osun State Governor Adeleke Accused of Mishandling N140 Billion, APC Says She Has Absconded

All Progressives Congress (APC) members in Osun State have claimed that Governor Ademola Adeleke escaped the state in order to evade a stewardship report that would have been due on his one-year anniversary.

Many people believe that Adeleke’s overseas visits are due to the knee surgery he supposedly had three weeks ago, according to Information Nigeria.

However, the governor went on vacation for the first time since taking office, according to Olawale Rasheed, the chief press secretary. This was revealed over the weekend.

On the other hand, in a statement released on Sunday, the APC condemned Adeleke’s one-year administration, quoting APC chairman Tajudeen Lawal as saying,

“We are fully aware that Governor Adeleke has escaped from the state, rendering him unable to provide the people of the state with the proper accounting for his stewardship.”

Governor Adeleke has been in office since November 2022, but since then, the state has been in shambles due to his utter incompetence, lack of education, and complete lack of administrative acumen. He is cowardly about telling the Osun people how he squandered more than N130 billion in government cash in the past year.

Adeleke is reluctant to explain how he spent more than N10 billion on personal expenses, including meals, entertainment, and office supplies, even though UNIOSUN parents are already struggling to make ends meet due to the hefty tuition hikes imposed by his government. No one has a right to keep the Osun people in the dark about where their state executive is.

After all this time, Governor Adeleke still hasn’t made good on his pledge to turn Osun into another Dubai; the people of Osun deserve better than the scoundrel and scam artist who made that claim. The elimination of the gasoline subsidy and the theft of the N9 billion that Adeleke received from the federal government has put the Osun people through economic suffering, which he has failed to alleviate, as Lawal said.

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As a response, Rasheed stated that the opposition is still reeling from the losses in the 2022 governorship and the 2023 general assemblies.

Upon taking office, we established sector-specific standards and deliverables. We have established goals in several areas, including health, education, infrastructure, information and communication technology, agriculture, youth, and women. Looking back, I can assure you that our performance exceeded our expectations.

After suffering a crushing electoral setback, the opposition APC is currently in recovery mode. When they see the improvements we’ve made in the state, the party gets embarrassed. Everyone can see what we have accomplished.

We have completed the reconstruction of 90 kilometers of roads in the road sector, and work is currently underway on an additional 45 kilometers. Another 31 schools are on the way after we have fully renovated 31 already. During the renovation of major water works at Iwo, Ede, Osogbo, and Eko Ende, we constructed 332 water projects,” Rasheed stated.


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