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Other Ways to Acquire USA Green Card Without Marriage

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Getting an American green card is a must if you weren’t born here and want to settle permanently in the country.

If you do not have a spouse or any significant other who is an American citizen, you may be asking how to acquire USA green card without marriage.

 In terms of the methods for obtaining a green card, there are generally three categories you might fit into here.

We’ll go through how to lawfully immigrate to the United States in the sections below, along with how to acquire a USA green card without marriage or getting married to an American citizen.


How to get a green card in USA

Ways to Acquire USA Green Card Without

There are two primary questions you must answer while requesting a U.S. Green Card to become a Permanent Resident:

  1. Can you submit a permanent residence application?
  2. Are you a citizen of a foreign national?

Paperwork Necessary

Your needed documentation will differ based on the category for which you seek a Green Card. Your family must

provide documentation of their financial assistance if you are applying via them. You will need employment

verification if you are applying via employment. To assist with document organization, speak with an immigration


Based on family members

Families that are either first- or second-degree relatives of a U.S. citizen are eligible for family sponsorship. A

a family reunion is significant to many individuals; therefore, now is the ideal moment for U.S. citizens to apply for

their spouses, kids, parents, grandparents, and even siblings.

Employer-Based Green Cards

The most crucial choice for anybody wishing to settle in the United States based on their past job experience and

qualifications is employment-based immigration. Green cards based on work, often known as E.B. visas, fall into

five types. Some of these groups are:

  1. Priority Workers’ Visa EB-1
  2. Advanced degree professionals may apply for the EB-2 visa.
  3. EB-3 Visa for Skilled and Unskilled Employees
  4. Special Immigration Visa EB-4
  5. Investors’ Visa Type EB-5
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Lottery for Green Cards and Diversity Visas

Through the Diversity Lottery, you could, with some luck, be selected to acquire a U.S. Green Card. Each year,

50,000 immigrants are allowed to enter the country under the Diversity Visa Program, get a Green Card, and begin

a new life. These 50,000 foreigners are citizens of nations having low rates of immigration to the U.S.

Status of Refugees or Asylees

There is also a crucial route for people who are through life-threatening situations in their home country and are

applying for refugee or asylum status. After one year of residing in the U.S., those who have received asylum are

eligible to apply for a green card. Non-citizens who have been in the country for an extended period may avoid

deportation proceedings at another U.S. citizen’s or permanent resident’s great expense.


For a foreign national to qualify for a green card, they must fit into one of three categories, as was previously mentioned:

  • Green cards for relatives
  • Green cards with a work component
  • Green cards for certain immigrants

To acquire a green card in the USA  based on work is issued to foreign nationals in the tens of thousands each year. Most of the time,

employers in the United States will submit a petition on behalf of their employees to provide employment-based

green cards to those who have received a job offer from one. Family-based visas are still another popular choice.

These green cards are only accessible to the spouses, siblings, parents, and dependent children of U.S. citizens and

permanent residents, which is vital to mention. Last but not least, unique immigrant green cards may be possible.

You must be able to show that you are one of the following to qualify for this type of green card: a religious

worker, an international broadcaster, an Afghan or Iraqi national who translated for the U.S. government, a special

immigrant juvenile, or an employee of an international organization like the World Trade Organization.

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Many foreigners actively consider alternatives when deciding whether to relocate permanently to the United States. You must fill out a

U.S. Green Card application to become a legal permanent resident of the U.S. documents the holder’s status.

Status of U.S. Green Cards

It will help if you fit one of the criteria for immigrants who want to become permanent residents to be eligible for

a Green Card. After identifying the category that best matches your circumstances, you must learn 

eligibility standards and application procedures. The categories that qualify are listed below.

Interview for a Green Card

You must participate in an interview while requesting a U.S. Green Card. Your performance in this interview will be

evaluated based on a set of questions. Before you may apply to become a permanent resident, you must complete

the Green Card Interview.

American Green Card processing times

The permanent residency will likely take longer than most other visas, so be prepared for that. The USCIS estimates

it will take 6 to 33 months to complete an application for permanent residency (Form I-485).

A US Green Card Renewal or Replacement Procedures

Your U.S. Green Card must be renewed or replaced, and you must apply for one if you can demonstrate that

leaving the country would seriously harm you or another person.

The USCIS a Form I-90. The typical Green Card has a ten-year validity period, while some may only have a two-year

validity period referred to as a conditional Green Card. The possibility exists for those who get conditional green

cards to change them to 10-year ones. It is known as the “elimination of residence restrictions.”


The best course of action is always to see a qualified immigration attorney if you are attempting to get an American green card but are

unsure where to begin. To help their clients through the immigration process and make it as easy and stress-free as possible, the team

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at Dominguez Law Firm, PLLC is committed to doing so.


How much time is required to get a green card?

How you submit your application for U.S. residence will determine how long it takes to process. However, your sponsor must first

submit a petition to be eligible for the sort of green card you want. Additionally, USCIS must receive supporting paperwork and filing

costs. Once your petition has been granted, you must submit Form I-485 and set up an interview with the USCIS or the closest embassy

or consulate. If your application is accepted, you’ll learn within 30 days following your interview. After a few months, if you’re

authorized, you may anticipate receiving your green card.

Can you pay someone to marry you for a green card?

Although getting a green card based on marriage is one of the most popular ways to enter the country, doing so to commit marriage

fraud is against the law. This is regarded as a federal felony, according to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

(USCIS), and you run the possibility of suffering severe consequences.

How may a green card be obtained most simply?

These questions don’t have a single correct answer. Of course, a person’s circumstances have a role in their eligibility for

immigration. However, this article will discuss the green card categories that individuals most commonly use to enter the United States,

which include:

  • familial connections
  • a position with a U.S. company, and
  • the lottery for a diversity visa

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