Part-Time Job Options for International Students in Germany.

  5 Part-Time Job Options for International Students in Germany.

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 Part-Time Job Options for International Students in Germany.

If you are studying in Germany and looking for a part-time job, here is a list of the 5 best part-time jobs for students in Germany. Read on and learn how to get these jobs to counter your expenses well.

Why do a part-time job?

There are many reasons part-time jobs for students can benefit more than full-time jobs. Some of them include the following-

The schedule for part-time work is more flexible.

  • Compared to a full-time job, there is less stress at work.
  • Before entering the job market, you can test the waters.
  • After class hours, you keep yourselves busy.
  • While you study, you can make money.

5 Part-Time Job Options for International Students in Germany.

Here are five part-time work opportunities for international students in Germany that can assist you in covering your living expenses and education to get you started.

1. Employment as a research assistant or university instruction

You can choose to teach part-time or look for jobs at your university. Giving tutorials, marking copies, working with and preparing research books, acting as librarians, and monitoring the tasks are all possible employment duties.

These positions are also valued, so you must apply early to get one. You can apply for these jobs through employment sites, university notice boards, or the departments you are a member of.

11 or 12 euros are paid per hour.

2. Assistance staff

One of the most popular part-time jobs for students in Germany is working as support staff in cafes or restaurants. Since there are no formal educational requirements for the position, the salary threshold may be lower than for other part-time occupations.

However, tips are a terrific method to improve the payout and can become a source of additional revenue. This is a beautiful opportunity to discover Germany and make new friends.

7 euros per hour of pay.

3. English teachers

Every year, Germany publishes about 94,000 books.

Teaching English can be an excellent side job because Germany still only considers German to be its primary language. To work as an English tutor, you can collaborate with a language school.

In addition, this may present a fantastic chance for English-proficient pupils. This position might not be the best choice for people who lack language proficiency.

12 or 15 euros are paid per hour.

4. Workers who assist in industrial manufacturing

Being an industrial production assistant might increase your income and career options. This can also help you gain more experience in the field in which you want to work.

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These student jobs can be found in local newspapers and on internet job boards.

Pay: Approximately 11 euros per hour.

5. Shop assistant

Since your job is to serve consumers, working as a retail assistant allows you to engage with more people. The task will entail educating them regarding the attire that would be appropriate for them and assisting them in making the best purchasing decisions.

It’s crucial to have strong communication abilities for this position. German should also be a second language for you.

Pay: Approximately 9 euros per hour.

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The most popular job sectors in Germany in 2022

Other Part-Time Jobs for International Students in Germany

Below are other part-time jobs for international students in Germany:

  • Babysitting

Babysitting is a fantastic career choice if you enjoy working with kids and are good at managing them. Additionally, since you don’t need a college degree for this, it’s a fantastic chance to develop your interpersonal skills.

Being around children will teach you patience, and once you’ve established a rapport with the family, you can raise your rates.

10 to 15 euros per hour are paid.

  • Call center agent

Your primary duties as a call center agent will be to answer the phone and assess clients’ requests and grievances. You’ll also need to control the discourse and provide the appropriate solutions.

Being understanding and courteous with the clients is crucial. Along with having excellent communication skills in German, you also need to have excellent interpersonal skills.

Earnings: About 15 euros per hour.

  • Home delivery

If you work for an online retailer, you must transport goods to people’s homes. The same applies to eating establishments.

You will receive payment from the employer and gratuities from your clients.

Pay: Approximately 11 euros per hour.

  • Outdoor interviewer

Field interviewers conduct research and surveys for organizations requiring specific data. Customers are questioned about their opinions on a product or service, preferences, pain issues, etc.

18 to 20 euros per hour are paid.

  • Office Assistant

In Germany, the service industry employs over 75 percent of all workers.

Your primary duties as an office assistant will be to take calls from clients and talk with them. On request, you can also be required to provide information to the company’s partners. You will also have specific administrative duties to complete.

Pay: 12 EUR or such per hour.

Where to look for these employment opportunities for international students part-time.

You must be vigilant, informed, and observant of chances available across several platforms if you want to get part-time employment. The following websites can assist you in finding the part-time work you seek:

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University noticeboards

In addition to posting information about college events, university bulletin boards in Germany often advertise part-time jobs for students. Employers may maintain job standards appropriate for university students because these positions are only available to them.

Centers for career counseling at universities

The job market, employers, and industries are always at the center of university career counseling. You can keep abreast of the most excellent student part-time jobs by checking them out.


Networking is a powerful method of connecting with potential employers, just like the other options. At job fairs, workshops, networking gatherings, and conferences, you can make contact with them. Opportunities like this can also assist in finding home-based part-time work.

A recommendation from a friend, family member, or fellow student can help you connect with the appropriate people. Expanding your network now, while you are still in school, will increase your chances of landing full-time employment later on.

Job websites

Because they save time by eliminating the need to search through numerous resources, job portals are also an excellent way for employers to identify the ideal candidate.

It functions both ways. Job portals can assist in showcasing your skills, credentials, and experience to several businesses at once. You also get the benefit of working in many industries because of this.

Social media groups.

In addition to job websites, you can follow social media groups. These organizations can assist you in finding the ideal part-time employment while you’re a student and provide you with information about the state of the labor market.

Observe company websites.

You can keep up with future job openings by checking the company’s websites’ career pages. These company websites can also provide details about the job description and a general notion of what the company expects from you.

German regulations on part-time student employment

In Germany, there are specific regulations or standards for part-time employment.

  • Special authorization

The Agentur für Arbeit, or Federal Employment Agency, will provide work permits for students to work part-time in Germany. The information on how many days or hours you will be working is included in this permit.

  • Work restrictions.

You cannot choose to work for yourself or as a freelancer.

Hours of work. Additionally, you are only permitted to work 120 full days or 240 half days a year.

  • Classes in languages.

Obtaining permission from the authorities in advance if you have taken specific language or preparatory courses is crucial.

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If you are discovered to be breaking these rules, you risk being expelled from Germany’s universities and the entire nation. Germany makes a one-year post-study work permit available to overseas students on student visas. Consequently, you may benefit from this.


For international students studying in Germany, there are 5 part-time work alternatives, plus more, which are all discussed in this article.

The majority of students who work part-time employment are from Germany. That is correct! You can work in any area of interest here, including management, law, and software development. Additionally, you are always paid more than the minimum wage, no matter your performance.

Your life in Germany will be easy since you can choose from these opportunities while studying.

Finding part-time work will be simpler for you if you speak German!

An intriguing fact about Germany is that students are free from paying state taxes on income up to EUR 450 a month. Your income could increase to 5,400 EUR a year. AND students are also eligible for an annual tax exemption.


What is the average yearly salary for students in Germany?

The minimum wage in Germany is around nine euros per hour. Some higher-skilled student jobs might pay between 11 and 20 euros per hour.

 Are international students permitted to work in Germany?

Yes, non-EU/EEA students may work 120 complete or 240 partial days per year in Germany while enrolled in classes.

Do international students who work part-time jobs have to pay taxes?

Students can make up to 450 euros per month through student jobs. For earnings up to this level, there is no tax due. However, they must obtain a tax identification number if they make more than this monthly. Every month, a set amount will be taken from their pay, and they can recoup it by filing a tax return at the end of the year.


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